Flood protection in Galveston, Texas

As an island city, flood protection in Galveston is critical.

Experts predict 143,540 properties are currently are at risk for flood damages. With ratings in the high to severe categories, residential and commercial properties can expect their flood risk to increase over the next 30 years. Flash floods, storm surges, tropical cyclones, tropical storms, and hurricanes are risk factors for flooding in Galveston, Texas.

Learning about the risk and elevations of your property and having effective flood prevention solutions are essential for protection against flooding. Flood Risk America provides custom fabricated flood protection solutions made in America out of marine-grade materials. Easy to install, our lightweight products can save your property from devasting damages. Our experts can help you analyze your flood risk and understand the right solution for your unique needs.

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Popular FRA flood protection products

Flood panel
The FRA flood panel is a dry-seal system often used for doors, window walls, elevators, or large openings.
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Compression-panel for glass
Used to protect glass windows and doors, the FRA compression panels will stop water from entering and the glass from breaking.
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Water-filled flood barriers
An alternative to sandbags, water-filled flood barriers direct the water flow away from your property.
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Flood protection boxes
Dry-sealed and floodproof protection boxes will save your essential equipment from water damages during a tropical storm or hurricane.
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FRA experts have over 30 years of experience flood proofing commercial properties.

We can help you understand your commercial property’s vulnerability to storm surge flooding with our flood mapping and modeling using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging Technology). This highly advanced and accurate technology helps us to determine the height needed for your proposed commercial flood protection products. With our technology and expertise, Flood Risk America will provide a detailed analysis of your coastal property and create a plan for flood protection.

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