Flood Risk America Floodproofing Products and Services

Manufacturer of FEMA compliant & insurance industry certified flood protection products.

Flood Risk America has over 30 years of experience floodproofing and preparing properties for even the most severe flooding. FRA’s team of experts includes both licensed engineers and architects to help understand all aspects of the potential risk. Our floodproofing products are lightweight, extremely tough, and are corrosion-resistant. The core material used in our flood barriers is also used in the haul of the icebreaker and other marine vessels. Our products are FEMA-approved and proven to protect up to 170mph hurricane-forced winds. Made in America, our flood protection systems are custom fabricated for a perfect fit and dry-seal flood barrier. FRA Flood Panels come with a lifetime warranty. A 5-year warranty is included for Water-filled barriers.

We believe training and education are important. We provide our clients flood deployment training and safety plans helping to understand deployment time and critical areas to protect first. Flood Risk America can help you understand your property’s vulnerability to surge flooding with our LIDAR flood mapping technology, or Light Detection and Ranging Technology. This highly advanced and accurate technology helps us to determine the height needed for your proposed flood protection products.

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What is floodproofing?

Defined by FEMA, floodproofing is “any combination of structural and non-structural additions, changes, or adjustments to structures which reduce or eliminate flood damage to real estate or improved real property, water and sanitary facilities, structures and their contents” (Title 44 Code of Federal Regulations [CFR] § 59.1). Also known as dry floodproofing, our commercial flood protection products allow for watertight and are substantially impermeable to floodwater including large flood loads.

Is it difficult to floodproof my property?

Installing floodproofing products on your property is simple, efficient, and easy. Only general power tools are needed to install most FRA flood protection products. During the installation process, once the FRA floodproofing product is placed against the holes where the anchors are set, we use our tool-less system (FRA Easy-Turn knobs) to secure the floodproofing products in place. The panels tightly seal against the opening or uneven surface. This key feature allows for efficient and effective deployment of your commercial flood prevention products

Flood Risk America floodproofing products

Flood Panels
Flood Bag Equipment Protection
Floor Drain Covers
Compression Panels for Glass Openings
Dry-seal Protection Boxes
Wind-Driven Hail Protection
Water-filled Flood Barriers

FRA experts may also suggest waterproofing interior and exterior using our non-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) spray and roll-on finish. Each property or development has unique requirements and requires specific expertise to determining which flood prevention products and/or services work best. Our expert team of flood specialists understands the importance of providing clear and accurate information regarding your risk. We are here to help you determine an effective solution capable of protecting your commercial investments.

Flood Risk America floodproofing products are made and manufactured in America. Custom manufactured, we designed and tailor our products specifically for your property ensuring effective flood prevention. Our products are lightweight, come with a lifetime warranty, are cost-effective, and are built to withstand 13,000 PSI. We have color options to match the decor of your commercial property while strong enough to protect your investment from hurricane-force winds and water.

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