Compression Panels for Glass Protection During a Tropical Storm or Hurricane

Protect against nature’s most deadliest disaster

The FRA Flood Compression Panel for glass uses our patented, sustainable flood-seal technology to protect against nature’s most deadliest disaster. This device creates a sealed barrier around the opening, preventing water from entering along with a compression bar that allows for the panel to be firmly sealed against a glass opening without the use of side anchors. Each panel is designed specifically for a customized fabrication to meet individual installation requirements and custom shaping and contouring to meet job-specific demands. It is both easy to install and remove, taking only a few minutes.

The Compression Beams coupled with the FRA Flood Panel are made out of aluminum material so that the locking deck beam is easy to handle and is more cost-efficient to ship than most steel shoring beams. The high-strength aluminum offers strength comparable to steel shoring beams. E-fitting ends easily and securely lock into track systems. Fully adjustable to 9.3″ and weighing only 16 lbs. per beam, these compression beams work great with the FRA Panel to provide an adequate compression and seal.

Technical Features of Compression Beam

  • Length: 85.7”
  • Overall Length: 95”
  • Working Load Limit: 2,200 lbs
  • Product weight: 64
  • Material: Aluminium

The FRA Flood Panel itself has been scientifically developed to withstand harsh saltwater environments with technology utilized in both aerospace and vessels from the United States Navy and Air Force. The FRA Flood Compression Panel works perfectly on areas that need protection but cannot use anchors on the surface, such as glass doors and windows.

Designed for water treatment plants chemical plants, and multiple-use facilities.

The gasket for our FRA Flood Compression Panel is closed cell sponge Neoprene/EPDM/SBR blend, which combines the best qualities of all three rubber elastomers which creates an excellent gasket material that can be used in many indoor and outdoor gasketing applications that require a temperature range of -40 °F to + 200 °F. Neoprene/EPDM/SBR closed cell sponge is resistant to ozone, sunlight, and oxidation. Style AG141B is UL-94-HF-1 listed and passes the flammability specifications of FMVSS-302. It is also UL157, UL50, UL508, UL48 and UL50E listed and is classified as “2A1” under ASTM D 1056-07.

Together the FRA Panel with its superior gasketing system is designed for water treatment plants chemical plants, and multiple-use facilities. The flexible design allows installation for inside or outside exterior doors and prevents the spill from spreading or migrating into drains, sewers, and into the environment.

5 Step Process to Deploy FRA Compression Panel

  • FRA Panel is lined up with the opening and the compression beam is lined on the bottom ground with the anchors.
  • Easy-Turn knob, gasket and dock washer is inserted into ground opening
  • Easy-Turn Knob creates a tool-less system to tighten FRA Panel in place with the compression beam attached to panel
  • Gasket system seals against uneven surfaces
  • FRA Compression Panel Install Complete

The The FRA Flood Compression Panel is a specially designed Flood Panel Barrier capable of providing floodwater protection. FRA Flood Compression Panel is specifically manufactured to meet individual window or door opening dimensions to a Water Protective Height of each customer’s specific site requirements.