Flood Mapping Services

FEMA compliant and insurance certified flood maps

FRA Flood mapping services use the latest and most accurate information allowing for accurate data and analysis of your flood risk. Flood maps detail the extent to which commercial areas are at risk for flooding. They are used to help determine residential and commercial flood insurance and building requirements. In many instances, the existing flood map is outdated, resulting in potentially higher insurance premiums.

Flood Risk America’s smart flood prevention services are specifically developed for property lending for banks and insurance agents. FRA’s flood risk and assessment services are available and customized for all levels and sizes of property portfolios. Our first step is to determine whether a large development track is inside, outside, or in neighboring flood zone areas using our flood risk analysis service. FEMA maps are not always accurate and up to date. Flood Risk America flood maps are FEMA recognized and insurance certified. Take your chance to receive better flood coverage for your property. Speak with us to learn about our advanced Flood Re-Mapping Program.

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How do I know if I am in a flood zone?

FRA flood mapping technology can help you understand if you are in a flood zone and how high your risk is for flooding. We use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging Technology) to provide the most accurate flood map information on the market. The unique LiDAR technology accuracy is attributed to its pulsed laser ability to calculate an object(s) distance from the earth’s surface. The light pulses generate accurate information creating a digital elevation model (DEM) of the surface of your property.

Conventional methods result in low accuracy results and are unable to produce DEM data. The experts at Flood Risk America understand the various approaches to flood risk reductions and create recommendations for your specific flood situations like Sewer backup, Storm Surge, Riverine Flooding, Flash Flooding, Coastal Flooding. We have the resources and experience to provide you with the answers to any flood-related questions that you may have.

Why do I need a flood map?

Requesting a new flood map for your home or business will provide you with accurate data helping you understand your flood risk and save on your insurance premiums. Within recent years the technology available to create and analyze potential flood risk has improved providing more accurate results. An inaccurate flood map will create either unnecessary flood prevention costs and higher insurance premiums due or unprotected property leading to costly damages. Our advanced LiDAR technology mapping system can challenge the existing flood map up-dating banks and insurance companies with the most accurate information.

New or in-fill developments are urged to request a new flood mapping report before purchasing a new property. With new, accurate data, your commercial or residential flood risk can change resulting in a need for structural changes, need for flood barriers, enhanced insurance savings, and marketability

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