Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I save money on my flood insurance by using the FRA Flood Panel?

The FRA Panel is endorsed by flood insurance companies. Your insurance carrier may lower your flood premium by proving that you have protected your property to the proper height required.

What is the best flood protection?

Each property is different, so depending on the type of building and surrounding supports, we define which flood barrier is the best suited for you and your property.

Should we use sandbags to protect our property?

Sand bags are an old form of flood protection that can make a huge mess, are heavy, and do not properly protect a property in its entirety from flooding.

What is the difference between the FRA Flood Panel and the steel/aluminum panels for flood protection?

The FRA Panel is made from a marine-grade material that is very light, less than 5 lbs per square foot versus the steel panels that are 34lbs per square foot and need a forklift to move and install.

How fast does it take for the FRA Flood Panel to be deployed?

A 6 foot wide door by 6 feet high takes approximately 15 minutes to deploy.

Are there color options available on the FRA Panel to match my property?

Yes, custom colors are available to match the decor of your building. We also offer color options for the caps that cover the anchors to match as well.

How fast does it take to make the FRA panel?

From time of shop drawing approval to end finished product, this process can take 4 weeks or less depending on size of order.