Effective Flood Products for Your Home or Business

Everything you need to protect your investment

Flood Risk America’s products are designed to meet the installment requirements in America for flood protection and are tailor-made for your home or business. Designed with lightweight and marine-grade material, you’ll feel at ease knowing your home or business is protected with high-quality flood solutions.

Total flood protection for your residential or commercial property

At Flood Risk America, all of our products can protect your home or business from flooding due to hurricanes, torrential rainstorms, and wind-driven hail. Our solutions are customized to your property with the expertise of our flood prevention professionals.

Learn more about our flood protection products below.

Flood Panels

Tailor-made, oceanic FRA Flood Panels are produced with enduring flood-seal technology to protect your home or business from flooding and water damage. Customized for your unique requirements with the help of experts to protect your property from floods – big or small.

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Protection Boxes

FRA Protection Boxes provide dry sealing for your electrical equipment, preventing water entry while supplying ventilation. Lightweight, marine-grade material protects
immobilized equipment that requires airing. FRA Protection Boxes are ideal for electrical boxes, treatment facilities, generators, and more.

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Floor Drain Protection

FRA Floor Drain Protection products save your property from floods, water backups, storm surges, and more with technology used in aerospace and vessels from the United States Navy and Air Force. Effective on drains regardless of shape or size.

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Equipment Protection

Anchored equipment? FRA Equipment Protection Flood Covers offer complete top to bottom coverage for your vital (and immovable) equipment from water damage. Each flood cover is produced to match your equipment’s unique requirements and dimensions.

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Compression Panels for Glass

Our Flood Compression Panel for glass uses flood-seal engineering technology to create a sealed barrier on window crevices, averting water entry. Easy installation and removal makes it a convenient but effective choice.

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Wind-Driven Rain & Hail Protection

Floods can be caused by more than just rising tides, they can also be the result of wind-driven rain. FRA solves this issue with its Wind-Driven/Hail Shield. Made from military grade-material, 98% of wind-driven rain will be stopped.

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Water-Filled Flood Barriers

FRA offers a water-filled barrier that efficiently reroutes floodwaters and provides protection to vulnerable buildings. An enduring solution that can combat the strength of unrelenting waves that’s both effective and environmentally friendly.

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“Flood Risk America FRA exceeded our expectations delivering on time, on budget, as promised. FRA's product offerings definitely met our State and Federal specifications while providing the safety and structural integrity our clients demand. Make the right choice for your business.”

- Mike Ferguson