FRA Flood Protection Products

Learn more about FRA Flood Prevention Systems for your home or business.

Flood Risk America flood protection products are proven to protect your commercial or residential property against flood damage. FRA products are custom fabricated to meet individual installation requirements in America with lightweight, marine-grade material. We provide flood-resistant flood panels, including compressional panels for glass, protection boxes perfect for exterior electrical equipment, floor drain protection panels, flood covers for equipment protection, wind-driven hail and rain shields, and water-filled flood barriers. Get to know more about our products below.

Flood Panels

Avoid large flood losses with the marine-grade FRA Flood Panels. Our custom fabricated Flood Panels use our patented, sustainable flood-seal technology to protect against nature's most deadliest disaster. Designed to suit your requirements and with a full staff of experts, our team can help you protect your property against flooding, big or small.

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Protection Boxes

FRA Protection Boxes provide a dry seal ensuring your electrical equipment stays dry and safe against flooding while providing proper ventilation. With light-weight marine-grade material shaped to fit your needs, your property will be protected from every angle. The FRA Flood Protection Boxes can protected your property against the deadliest disasters.

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Floor Drain Protection

Seeking a solution to stop drainage issues? Our FRA Floor Drain Protection products can protect your property from flooding, water backups, storm surges, king tides and more. Water damage can be costly, our drain solutions ensure your property is protected. Our custom designed floor drain protection panels are light-weight, marine grade and American-made.

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Equipment Protection

The FRA Equipment Protection Flood Covers protect your essential equipment from water damage during a flood event. Our covers are custom made, tailored to your size requirements for your immovable equipment. The FRA Flood Covers uses military grade technology withstanding wind speeds up to 170 MPH. Keep your expensive assets safe with Flood Risk America.

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Compression Panels for Glass

Residential and commercial property glass is vulnerable during flooding and can be costly to replace. Our Flood Compression Panels creates a sealed barrier preventing water from entering coupled with a compression bar allowing the panel to be firmly sealed against a glass. Made out of high-strength aluminum material, the locking deck beam is easy to handle and cost-efficient.

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Wind-Driven Rain & Hail Protection

Flooding can be caused by wind-driven rain or hail in case of a hurricane or hurricane force winds. Water damage can occur when side winds drive rain into the crack of your property walls. Our flood protection shield products are designed to stop 98% of wind-driven rain, can withstand wind loads up to 170 miles per hour and created with durable polyester webbing, tensile strength for up to 35,000 LBS.

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Water-Filled Flood Barriers

Water-filled Flood Barriers require less labor, are more cost-effective, and less hazardous to the environment than using traditional sandbags. Perfect for commercial or residential use, the FRA Water-filled floor protection barriers are an efficient way to re-direct wave energy and turbulence. Environmentally friendly, our flood barrier products are effective long-term solutions that can withstand the force of ongoing wave energy.

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