Commercial Flood Protection Services

Industry Experts in Flood Protection Services For Your Commercial Property

Anxious about storm surges? Concerned about inland flooding to your commercial property? High winds, rip currents, and torrential rains from hurricanes can result in costly damages to your property. Be prepared with Flood Risk America’s commercial flood protection services. We provide complete commercial flood protection services, including :

Flood prevention consultation on existing property and new developments
Custom engineered and fabricated products
Installation and product training
24/7 deployment services and support
Annual inspections on all parts

Our team of experts can help prevent water damage to your building and equipment by creating a floodproofing plan based on a risk assessment we conduct alongside you. You can feel comfortable and secure in the firm knowledge that only top-of-the-line, military-grade, commercial products are used and tailored to meet the unique needs of your commercial property. In an effort to ensure maximum protection, FRA works faithfully to understand your property’s flood risk.

Learn how our flood protection solutions can save your business or commercial property during a hurricane or flood.

Commercial Flood Protection for Architects and Developers

Undecided on the ideal location for your next project? Flood Risk America offers flood mapping services that can not only decrease your insurance premiums by 80%, but can also help you choose the perfect property for your commercial development. Our FRA construction consultants have a deep understanding of flood code regulations and can help you architecturally construct a flood controlled property.

Flood Risk America provides in-depth consulting, trustworthy guidance, and comprehensive solutions for any commercial real estate construction development. Our commercial flood protection experts can also help you with:

  • Reviewing your property(s) flood history
  • Analyzing potential risk for water-damage  
  • Pre-planning for construction based around your flood risk assessment 
  • Helping you curate an affordable flood prevention solution
  • Saving you thousands of dollars in insurance premiums
  • Creating an effective flood protection plan personalized for your commercial development 

FRA is here to guide your development at any stage. As experts in our industry, we have the technology and knowledge to help you effectively create or navigate through your flood prevention plan.

A Better Solution for Assessing the Flood Risk of Your Commercial Property

The Natural Resources Defense Council has deemed 58% of flood maps as outdated. Consequently, these unreliable maps provide inaccurate information regarding your flood risk. 

At Flood Risk America, we use LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology. The unique LiDAR technology is highly precise, generating 3D high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) data. This allows FRA experts to save you money on insurance premiums, plan and execute effective flood prevention solutions, or act as a consultant for your commercial development.

Our American-made, military grade, commercial flood protection products are custom fabricated for your equipment or property size requirements; creating a flood-proof seal. FRA commercial flood prevention experts help you understand the best product for your needs, ensuring your property is effectively protected from water damage during a hurricane.