Flood Risk Analysis

Our experts understand the risk, cost and defence needed against flood damage

At Flood Risk America, we provide a detailed and comprehensive flood risk analysis evaluating any potential risk in your area and provide you with a plan for you to prevent damage to your property. We will detail both historical flooding and any potential flood risk to your and adjacent properties. The FRA analysis will review your existing flood map or flood zone evaluation and allow for correction to inaccurate designations.

When purchasing or building your property, it is important to review and challenge the flood map for the area. Flood maps can prove to be unfavorable for property owners forcing you to pay more than needed. During your risk analysis, our team of flood prevention experts will assist you in understanding and providing you with an accurate flood map. Flood Risk America provides FEMA compliant and insurance-industry approved flood risk and flood mapping services. By utilizing our services, you can ensure your flood insurance premiums reflect your property’s risk. Our comparison and successful reclassification of flood zone structures have saved our customers up to 85% on their flood insurance.

Protect your investment by planning ahead with a flood risk analysis.

Get a flood risk analysis

What are the benefits of a flood risk analysis?

  • Review and reclassification of your flood zone may lead to up to an 85% savings on your flood insurance.
  • An up-to-date and detailed flood risk analysis will enhance the marketability of your property.
  • A flood risk analysis is beneficial for new residential and commercial developments as it allows for structural changes before construction begins to decrease your flood risk.
  • The FRA analysis will help you understand your risk and provide you with a plan to prevent any potential flood damage.
  • Our services require minimal requirements from you, the property owner.
  • With Flood Risk America, the quality of our data is guaranteed, audited with 99.9% accuracy.

We guarantee the quality of our data. The FRA flood risk analysis is audited with 99.9% accuracy.

Flood Risk America analysis reports are created using a web-based system with nationally certified flood plan managers dedicated to providing real-time assessment and data. We guaranteed our reports will meet a 99.9% accuracy standard.

Understand your flood risk and how to prevent costly damages

Each year, the cost of flood damages ranges in the billions in the United States of America. Often relying on outdated flood maps or flood zone determinations, flooding can occur rapidly without notice, leaving property owners rushing to save their homes or business.

The FRA flood risk analysis will provide you with an accurate report of your main sources of potential flooding such as your elevation and proximity to a water source, tropical storms, hurricanes, and drainage. We will take an in-depth review of both your property and cities drainage system and plan for any potential risk. We can help you understand your base flood elevation, lowest and highest adjacent grade elevations. Your property flood elevation is the height in which we predict water may reach.

At Flood Risk America, we pride ourselves on being a knowledge-based company, researching, predicting, and preventing flood damage. The highly-skilled engineers and flood risk specialists at FRA have the expertise to find alternative ways to rate flood insurance policies. Learn how the FRA team can help you protect your property and save money, contact us.