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Our team of flood protection solution professionals will help you eliminate the risk of flooding with quality and proven flood prevention tools, techniques and plans. Flood Risk American helps you protect your commercial or residential property mitigating the risk of closure. Receive your free flood risk analysis today.

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Properties get flooded on a regular basis. Protect your investments with Flood Risk America.

Flood Risk America is a proactive flood protection and flood risk management company specializing in in-depth evaluation and reporting of flood risks throughout the United States and Canada. We are a team of flood professionals who strive to help our clients avoid flood losses while focusing on exposure, uninsured losses, and liability. We eliminate the risk of flooding by bringing carefully selected, innovative, and proven flood protection tools, techniques, and plans to help our clients prevent flooding and avoid any “out of service time.”

Flood Risk America adheres to a rigorous Quality Control Program to ensure that all data is current and accurate. Our trusted team, certified flood map engineers, guide our clients directly from the data and are constantly developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the toughest flood risk challenges. With this pertinent information there is control over a risk, uncertainty is reduced and the efficiency of your Property Portfolio is drastically improved. Quality Assurance is extremely important to us and we make sure that every factor of our system and process is properly analyzed.


Noah built an ark for protection against flooding, we want to do the same with our products and assessments.

- Flood Risk America

Flood Prevention Products

FRA flood prevention products can help save your home or commercial property from water damage. Installing flood protection products for water-front properties is important to protect your home or business from flooding during a hurricane.

Our products include flood protection barriers, compressions protection for glass, water-filled barriers, equipment protection and more!

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We have helped many commercial property owners, managers, and developers to understand and mitigate their true flood risk.

There is an effective flood protection solution for every business.

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Join us on a mission to clean our beaches!

Here at Flood Risk America we are concerned about the contamination and garbage that is occurring on our beaches. We are taking action and have created a schedule of beach cleanup days. Join our volunteers in making steady progress to clean up beaches in both the United States and Canada.

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