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CEO Stephen Gill has over 20 years experience in Flood Risk Analysis

Stephen Gill is the Partner and CEO of Flood Risk Canada and Flood Risk America. He has over twenty years experience in Flood Risk Analysis, specializing in flood zone preparedness, flood disaster management, and helping property owners to acquire better flood coverage, lower flood deductibles, and better sub-limits.

Mr. Gill has partnered with FEMA and multiple U.S. and Canadian property insurance carriers on varied projects. His unique experience includes guiding the National Flood Insurance Forum (NFIF) in reviewing online course education and legislation advisement for the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.

Stephen’s creative passion for flood prevention came from his front-line efforts as a participant for the Hurricane Katrina Recovery Team. His expertise coaches clients to safe standards and cost effective profitability. There is not a direct guided solution company other than Flood Risk Canada & Flood Risk America, better prepared to partner in an endeavor of flood risk safety, solutions, and flood mitigation. The inspiration for Flood Risk America and Flood Risk Canada came when Stephen felt “nature be still” in Hurricane Katrina. He felt there had to be something done to help prevent and mitigate the devastations that flooding can cause.

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Get to know the COO of Flood Risk America

His business partner, Tiffany Largey is also the COO of Flood Risk America and Flood Risk Canada. She has over 5 years experience in flood risk analysis and flood mitigation. Her masters is in advanced holistic nursing and she is a board certified holistic nurse. She has over 8 years experience as a nursing professor and uses her degrees and expertise to build meaningful business relationships.

Along with building rapport and maintaining strong foundations with companies, Tiffany works in marketing to promote the uniqueness of Flood Risk America and Flood Risk Canada. She writes and blogs about the services and benefits of the two sister companies and has presented this information at a number of conferences and meetings across both the United States and Canada. She has educated many different companies on pre-construction development services and flood mitigation solutions. The newest addition to the educational services include the board certified Flood Protection Solutions Training Program.

Dave has over 30 years experience in wet and dry flood proofing design

Flood Risk America wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of Dave Shorten, architect and flood plain manager. Dave has been an architect for over fifteen years in the state of New York. He has over thirty years experience in wet and dry flood proofing design. In addition to his experience, he has an in depth knowledge of FEMA, NFIP, and ASCE 24-14 flood design requirements. Dave created and patented the one and only FRA Flood Panel. He heads up continued research, development, and engineering of FRA products, fabrication processes, quality control, and product delivery.

The three dynamic roles and added backgrounds that Stephen, Tiffany, and Dave possess, sustain the true foundation and success of both Flood Risk America and Flood Risk Canada.

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