Commercial Flood Risk Analysis

Understand the flood risk of your commercial property

At Flood Risk America, our experts understand the risk, cost and defence needed against flood damage. Our detailed and comprehensive commercial flood risk analysis will outline and evaluate any potential risk in your area and provide a plan for you to prevent damage to your property. Our commercial flood risk analysis will review the existing flood maps in your area and allow for correction to inaccurate flood zone designations on the flood map for each location.

When purchasing or building your commercial property, it is important to review and challenge the flood map for the area. Flood maps can prove to be unfavorable for commercial property owners forcing you to pay more than needed. During your risk analysis, our team of flood prevention experts will assist you in understanding and provide you with an accurate flood map. Our comparison and successful reclassification of flood zone structures can save you up to 85% on your flood insurance.

A commercial flood risk analysis does not only allow you to understand your flood risk, but will detail any historical flooding and potential risk to adjacent properties in your area. Understanding your commercial properties flood risk can help you plan ahead and save your property from damage.

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What are the benefits of a commercial flood risk analysis?

  • Successful reclassification of flood zone structures generally yields an 85% savings on commercial flood insurance.
  • A comprehensive flood risk analysis enhances marketability your commercial property.
  • Beneficial for new commercial developments allowing structural preventative changes.
  • Flood risk analysis’ will help you understand, plan and prevent flood damage of your commercial building.
  • Easy, efficient process with minimal requirements from the property owner.

Quality data guaranteed. audited and 99.9% accuracy is the standard for our commercial flood risk analysis report.

Flood Risk America analysis reports are created using a web-based system with nationally certified flood plan managers dedicated to provided real-time assessment and data. Our commercial flood risk reports are guaranteed to meet a 99.9% accuracy standard.

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Experts here to save you money

A commercial flood risk assessment will provide you with an accurate report of your main sources of potential flooding and help you review your existing and plan for proper drainage. We can help you understand your base flood elevation, lowest and highest adjacent grade elevations, ensuring you prepare your commercial property for potential flood damage. Our highly skilled engineers and flood specialists have the expertise to find alternative ways to rate flood insurance policies. At Flood Risk America, we are a knowledge based company. Our team is here to help you save money on your commercial insurance policy and prevent against flood damage. Contact us to learn more how we can help prevent your commercial building from flooding with our flood risk analysis.