5 Benefits Of Having A Professional Flood Risk Analysis Completed

Did you know that most commercial properties have an outdated or inaccurate flood risk analysis? What this means for you as a business owner is that your commercial property may be at a greater flood risk than you think. This issue takes on a greater degree when we consider that climate change has significantly increased flood risk throughout the nation.

What are the benefits of a flood risk analysis? If you’re wondering whether it’s worth the investment, below are just a few of the many benefits of having a professional flood risk analysis completed. As you do your research, understanding the advantages below can help you make an informed decision when it comes to protecting your property from a potentially catastrophic flood.

1. Peace of mind

First and foremost, you deserve peace of mind as a business owner or commercial property landlord. Floods can be disastrous and financially crippling. Some business owners aren’t able to fully recover, leading to permanent closures and devastating loss. Flood risk professionals are here to help protect your livelihood and minimize your liability as much as possible. 

Having a professional flood risk analysis completed is key to creating an efficient flood protection plan. Should a flash flood happen today, you’ll have confidence knowing that your property is set up to handle emergencies and you have the right resources in place to get back on your feet quicker.

2. Up-to-date flood model

Most existing flood risk analyses do not factor in the impact of global warming, including torrential downpours, rising sea levels, and increased coastal storms. While building architects, designers, and other commercial property professionals have generic knowledge on flood risk, you want to work with flood risk experts in the industry who are experienced in creating a proper flood risk analysis.

During a commercial flood risk analysis, our team of experts will review and challenge the existing maps in your area. This allows for correction to inaccurate designations on the map, which is key to creating an accurate flood risk analysis before any flood protection plan starts.

3. 99% accuracy

When you work with industry leaders like Flood Risk America, you have an experienced team on your side that has accurately analyzed risk, established successful protection plans, and effectively reduced liability and cost for companies across North America. Our flood risk analysis is thorough and incredibly accurate.

Not only do we provide a comprehensive analysis, we take the time to help you understand your commercial property’s flood risk so that you are made aware of potential problems and the solutions available to you.

4. Saves you money

When purchasing or building your commercial property, it is important to review and challenge the flood map for that area. Maps can prove unfavorable, forcing you to pay more for insurance than you need. 

On the other hand, an inaccurate flood map can illustrate a less serious picture and your commercial property may not be as protected as it should be. This is a hard lesson to learn for business owners when an emergency strikes and they find out they don’t have enough coverage when it’s too late, resulting in costly out-of-pocket damages. 

Our flood map review and analysis have:

  • Helped our clients save up to 85% on their insurance premiums.
  • Painted a clearer picture about the risks involved.
  • Allowed our clients to understand their risk better and take the necessary steps to further protect their property.
  • Helped our clients avoid or minimize loss due to flooding.

5. Enhances property marketability

If you own commercial property, having an up-to-date and professional flood risk analysis attracts serious tenants and increases your property’s appeal. As more and more business owners are made aware of the increase in climate-driven floods and the importance of flood risk mitigation, you will be one step ahead in the market with an accurate flood risk analysis.

This factor goes beyond marketability and profitability, however. When we work as a community, we increase our chances of safeguarding businesses, homes, and important structures from devastating loss. As business owners, we have a responsibility to protect not only our commercial property, but to ensure the safety of all who access our buildings and the people we serve.