Why Proper Flood Mitigation Is Crucial In Today’s Changing Climate

An estimated 14.6 million properties are at risk of flooding in the United States, a probability that continues to increase with environmental changes and warmer temperatures year after year. Global warming brings to the forefront an existential threat - climate-driven flooding as sea levels rise, coastal storms increasing in frequency and strength, and heavier rain storms becoming more prevalent. 

“Our nation’s infrastructure is not built to a standard that protects against the level of flood risk we face today, let alone how those risks will grow over the next 30 years as the climate changes,” states Matthew Eby, founder and executive director of the First Street Foundation, a non-profit group dedicated to researching the impact of climate change in the United States.

Flooding has become the most widespread and catastrophic disaster on a global scale, gravely impacting human life, infrastructure, businesses, economies, and the environment. The issue is further exacerbated by a lack of funding, research, and investment needed for effective flood mitigation and disaster relief. What does this mean for American citizens and businesses alike? Devastating financial loss along with heavy mental and emotional implications. 

While climate adaptation emphasizes conservation, prevention, and restoration, the rapid rate of climate change illustrates that adaptation is not always economically practical or possible in certain areas. This highlights the urgent need to emphasize flood protection services to support our nation’s infrastructure, citizens, and businesses that shape our local economy.

What is flood mitigation?

Simply put, flood mitigation involves reducing the risk of flooding and minimizing potential damage that can result from a flood. However, effective flood mitigation is not as simple to execute. Proper flood mitigation requires a long-term strategy developed by experts in the field, including flood professionals, architects, engineers, and educators. 

At Flood Risk America, we go beyond simply selling a product. Our experienced flood professionals work with you to execute Commercial Flood Protection and Residential Flood Protection, including:

  • Flood Risk Analysis 
  • Floodproofing 
  • Flood Mapping 
  • Construction Consulting 

Our Flood Protection products protect your property and equipment while providing the flexibility to keep the property open until the last possible moment before an event occurs, and provide the fastest recovery time. 

While other flood protection companies will sell you a product, our team completes annual inspections of gaskets, panels, anchors, and all parts to ensure your product will work when it needs to. Additionally, we provide expert support when you need it with our 24/7 flood deployment service.

Some of the benefits of working with Flood Risk America include:

  • A lifetime warranty on panels
  • Durable American-made products
  • FEMA Compliant
  • FEMA-approved maintenance plan
  • Easy to install with Easy Turn Knobs
  • Deployment/Product Training 
  • Deployment Blueprints
  • 24/7 Flood Deployment Property Protection Plan
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Flood Operation Control Maintenance Plan  
  • Ability to remain operational during and after a major flooding disaster
  • Eliminate your vulnerability to flooding loss
  • Lower flood deductibles and obtain better coverage limits
  • Reduce your flood insurance premium

Safeguarding our future with the right knowledge

Along with superior-engineered products and unmatched service, Flood Risk America is committed to spreading knowledge on the impact of climate change and what true flood mitigation involves - education, collaboration, and community involvement with government support.

Some of the ways we can better prepare for the impact of climate change involves:

  • Full climate research disclosure - The public has the right to comprehensive disclosure on the research and statistics of climate change. Reports should be accessible and clear.

  • Climate risk management integrated into business strategies - Without a proper strategy, businesses leave themselves vulnerable to unpredictable and inevitable natural disasters.

  • Investment in community service programs - Including educational funding and social services on safe and effective flood response.

  • Create fair and effective flood insurance programs - We need to protect our citizens and the businesses that support our local economy. Flood insurance programs protect jobs, property, and help families get back on their feet quicker.

Final thoughts

The current path we’re on shows the quick deterioration of our natural habitat due to increasing temperatures and rapid environmental changes. We have a short amount of time to mitigate the serious impact of climate-driven flooding. Without a proper flood mitigation plan, businesses and citizens alike face what could become debilitating physical, emotional, and financial losses. The time to act is now.

Flood Risk America is a proactive flood protection and flood risk management company specializing in in-depth evaluation and reporting of flood risks throughout the United States and Canada. We are a team of flood control professionals who strive to help our clients avoid flood losses while focusing on exposure, uninsured losses, and liability. We eliminate the risk of flooding by bringing innovative and proven flood protection tools, techniques, and plans to help our clients prevent flooding and avoid any “out of service time.”