Flood Risk Consulting for Residential Construction

We can help you understand the requirements when building within a residential flood zone.

At Flood Risk America, we can evaluate and prepare recommendations to help maintain and reduce construction cost, expedite permitting time, and navigate clients through Floodplain Requirements when building in a flood zone. There are different phases of construction and we can help you through each phase with each of our construction consulting services. We understand how difficult it may be to comprehend all of the local and federal building code regulations, that’s why we are here to make building in a flood zone easier. Below are just a few of the services that we can provide when you are building in a flood prone area.

If you are starting construction or have the typical building designs ready, see below for some of the first phase objectives that Flood Risk America can help you with when building in a flood zone.

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Flood Risk America’s Phase One objectives:

  • Produce typical recommendations & outline of flood water vulnerability assessment to be implemented in the design and construction of buildings with the goal of mitigating the intrusion of potential flood waters.
  • Analyze specific conditions surrounding the property that directly impact flood water mitigation assessments.
  • Provide cost benefit of available mitigation products & impact in comparison with insurance premium options resulting from specific design considerations.
  • Provide a better understanding of sensor strategy for this site.
  • Provide recommendations for storage requirements for proposed mitigation products.
  • To ensure these strategies are implemented fully to qualify building owners and tenants with the lowest insurance premium rates according to the current FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM).
  • Provide consultation with the same focus relating to potential future surge levels and FIRM’s.
  • Development of a floodproofing design specifying floor protection devices.

The following additional services can be provided:

  • Generate a floodproofing design specifying floor protection devices and remediation to the existing structure
  • Fabricate and install flood protection devices
  • Represent this property to private and NFIP insurance companies assisting in obtaining the lowest premiums
  • Flood device deployment and monitoring
  • Flood Proofing Certificate
  • Signed and Sealed drawings
  • Calculation report

Flood Risk America can consult on your residential flood risk at any time during your construction phases.

Flood Risk America can consult at any time during your construction phases. We can help you in the beginning phases of construction during your first phase and consult the entire way through to the completion of your project. If you need help at a later stage, Flood Risk America can help you through any difficulty you may be facing with Local, State and Federal Flood Plan regulations as well as permitting or closing on your CO. We have the tools and availability to help you with all of your flood protection needs.

Phase Two objectives:

  • Review all design and engineering of the floodproofing design to ensure NFIP and FEMA compliance. (Make recommendations if required)
  • Perform site visits during construction
  • Review all third party inspection reports related to floodproofing as built construction
  • Ensure proper photograph documentation of progress of the floodproofing construction
  • Certify floodproofing components and systems
  • Certify substantial impermeability
  • Provide floodproofing letter
  • Development of Emergency Action Plan and Flood Maintenance Plan (EAP/FMP), specific to the property in question.