Flood Risk America Proposes Change to the Flood Policy Language

Flood Risk America Proposes Change to the Flood Policy Language, Aims to Save Property Owners from Repetitive Loss Constrains

Flood Risk America has submitted a recommendation to the Honorable Congressman Vern
Buchanan's Office proposing a change to the flood policy language that could assist millions of American property owners from ending up in the Repetitive Loss Program.

FEMA’s Repetitive Loss Program indicates that, due to recurring flood losses to your property,
property owners are no longer insurable by FEMA and must go to the private insurance market for insuring their property.

Case Study in Sarasota, Florida

One commercial property in Sarasota, Florida, has cost the American taxpayers more than 2.7
million dollars in flood policy payouts. Flood Risk America has proposed a $51,000 program that could prevent flooding from reoccurring. This property – if they were to flood again – may lose their flood policy forever. This situation occurs daily throughout the United States.

In conjunction with John Lindsay, a property manager from Sarasota, Florida, Flood Risk America has used this single property as a case study for driving this monumental change. This case study highlights the significance of Flood Risk America’s proposal to change the verbiage of the existing loss avoidance measures in all commercial and residential flood policies nationwide.

“We believe that by utilizing this change to the existing flood insurance policy verbiage, FEMA could save billions on an annual basis by giving property owners a fighting chance to save their businesses,” said Steve Gill, CEO at Flood Risk America.

Flood Risk America Proposes a Change to the Flood Policy Language

Flood Risk America has proposed a verbiage change to the existing loss avoidance measures in
all commercial and residential flood policies nationwide.

The existing flood insurance program allows for property owners to receive one thousand dollars in time and material costs to try to prevent their properties from flooding and/or reoccurring flooding.

Flood Risk America has an immense expertise in proactive flood risk mitigation and flood loss prevention. Our proposal to change from the current reactive flood insurance policy verbiage to a proactive flood insurance policy verbiage could prevent or even drastically lessen the impact of flooding to the property owners, while utilizing proactive flood risk mitigation techniques by setting up equipment in the field that could hold back the flood waters,” Mr. Gill added.

Flood Risk America proposes:

  • For congress to write this verbiage and give the power to the business owners to hire
    licensed contractors;
  • That each state shall be allowed to implement its own licensing for approved Flood
    Mitigation Contractors.

This change in policy language would generate much needed jobs from the Federal level, as
FEMA currently assigns an adjuster to each Loss Avoidance Claim filed – from the state level of licensing and oversight of said licensing to mitigation contractors like Flood Risk America setting up contractual agreements with owners and developments alike.

Most of all, this would create an opportunity for flood risk mitigation companies like Flood Risk
America to assist properties nationwide in saving millions.

Take Action

Flood Risk America has also partnered with multiple insurance companies committed to making this change.

The Commissioner of Manatee County wrote a letter directly to Vern Buchanan’s office stating: “It is our privilege to write to you in support of a money saving opportunity for our citizens. We believe making these funds available before a major weather event will allow our residents to take responsibility early to protect their assets which in turn may prevent devastating property losses that we experience with every hurricane that makes landfall.”

This letter was sent to Vern Buchanan’s Office on February 27, 2020, by Manatee Counties Commissioners and signed by the Chair Commissioner Betsey Benac.

Flood Risk America needs your help to push this through conception to implementation. We are asking that Vern Buchanan write this into legislation. Help us by signing this petition today! Your signature will be delivered to the office of Congressman Vern Buchanan.

Together, we can change the world of reoccurring flooding forever.