Tropical Storm Alex: Flood Risk America Saves Residential Building From Flooding

On June 4, 2022, heavy rainfall and extreme winds shattered through Southern Florida, leaving behind flooded streets, power outages, and extensive damage in its wake. Tropical Storm Alex had been brewing in the Atlantic in early June from remnants of May’s Hurricane Agatha. The National Hurricane Center monitored the storm system as it turned from a potential threat to a tropical storm, warning Southern Florida residents of continued flooding and safety risks.

During the storm, FirstService Residential quickly installed their FRA Commercial Flood Gates on a condominium building they manage. The gates effectively prevented floodwaters from entering the building, greatly reducing the amount of damages to the property. After the success of their flood protection product, FirstService Residential has proposed more Flood Gates to further protect the property.

This is just one example of how the right flood protection product can prevent costly damages and what can potentially be devastating losses. Setting up easy-to-install flood products within a few minutes can save you days, weeks, even months of recovery efforts.

Revisiting your flood protection plan

In preparation for Tropical Storm Alex, the NHC forecasted maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and rainfall of 6-10 inches. According to the National Weather Service in Miami, 7 and 13 inches of rainfall had already fallen in the city with cars submerged and warnings of extremely dangerous, life-threatening conditions. While the NHC can anticipate storm systems with great accuracy, the impact of tropical storms can be unpredictable. And unfortunately, we are likely to see above-average storm activity this year. Now is a good time to revisit your flood protection plan, add new protection products where necessary, and assess your current flood protection products around your property.

Protecting your commercial property from floodwaters

Every commercial property poses unique challenges in protecting against flooding and high winds. Flood Risk America not only provides a comprehensive list of flood protection products, we also offer services that will help ensure your commercial property has the right plan in place, including:

  • Flood prevention consultation on existing property and new developments
  • Custom engineered and fabricated products
  • Installation and product training
  • 24/7 deployment services and support
  • Annual inspections on all parts

When a tropical storm is on its way, there is very little time to prepare. We also understand that some businesses need to stay open at the last possible minute before the storm arrives. This is why all of our products are engineered to be easy to install with no tools needed - yet they are powerful enough to protect against rising floodwaters and high winds.

We can equip you with:

Flood Panels - Custom-made to suit your property, our Flood Panels are engineered with flood-seal technology that can be used to protect doors, windows, mechanical rooms, storefronts, loading docks, and more. They are FEMA-compliant, certified by the insurance industry, lightweight with marine-grade material, and are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Protection Boxes - Prevent water from entering your equipment, including electrical boxes, generators, treatment facilities, and more. Our protection boxes are designed to seal your equipment while providing the necessary ventilation. 

Floor Drain Protection - Prevent water backups and stop flooding caused by drainage issues. Our floor drain protection products are custom-made to the shape or size of your floor drain, engineered with technology used in aerospace and vessels from the United States Navy and Air Force. You can rest assured that they are designed to give your property the best possible protection against rising flood waters.

Flood Bag Equipment Protection - If you have anchored equipment, our Equipment Protection Flood Covers offer complete top to bottom coverage for your vital equipment from water damage. Each flood cover is produced to match your equipment’s unique requirements and dimensions, and is made from military-grade, waterproof material that can withstand wind speeds of up to 170 MPH.

Compression Panels For Glass - Our Flood Compression Panel for glass uses flood-seal engineering technology to create a sealed barrier on window crevices, averting water entry. Easy installation and removal makes it a convenient but effective choice.

Wind-Driven Rain & Hail Protection - Our wind and hail protection products are made from military-grade material to stop 98% of wind-driven rain. When rising tides, high winds, and torrential rain become a threat, FRA has the solution.

Water-Filled Flood Barriers - Water-filled flood barriers are more environmentally-friendly than sandbags and other flood barrier alternatives, while offering an effective and enduring solution against unrelenting waves. Our strong water-filled barriers reroute floodwaters and provide reliable protection for vulnerable buildings.

With storm season well underway, we want you to feel confident in your flood protection plan and products. Give us a call for more information on how you can protect your commercial or residential property from flooding.