Company Launches New Flood Inspection and Maintenance Plan

FRA’s yearly nationwide flood Inspection and maintenance plan provides certified engineering, permitting, and re-certification, combined with coordinating and collecting maintenance of flood panels, floodgates, flood barriers, drainage systems, and inspection of mechanical equipment such as sump pumps and generators. FRA will also analyze and evaluate nearby levees and berms for excessive vegetative growth, cracks, or leaks and design or re-evaluate your flood emergency safety plans.

The Flood Protection Inspection and Maintenance Plan is the Only FEMA certified plan to provide you with flood insurance credits and meet FEMA required standards. FRA’s Flood Risk Analysis Modeling will identify your property(s) valuables in a 100 and 500-year flood storm.

If your property is at risk of flooding our 24/7-flood loss prevention team is dispatched to your location immediately.

Benefits of Protection Inspection and Maintenance Plan:

·      Lower flood insurance premiums and deductibles

·      Reduction to the vulnerability, damage, and disruption of operations during severe flooding events    

·      Remain operational during and after a major disaster

·      Education on code requirements and FEMA recommendations

·      Customized mitigation plan for protection of essential systems and equipment

·      Designed mitigation plan to account for loss of power

·      Flood assessment including the investigation of historical flooding on specific location

·      Consultation on building FEMA Compliant/new flood code requirements

There is funding available for these efforts, but you must have a FEMA approved mitigation plan in place to become eligible. At a minimum, mitigation measures must be technically feasible, cost-effective, and environmentally sound.

 Annual Review of Deployment Procedures and Maintenance of Flood Mitigations Products Includes:

·      Flood warning response plan (safety plan)

·      Flood risk analysis modeling

·      FEMA approved maintenance plan

·      Storm drainage capacity analysis

·      24/7 Flood Warnings / Flood deployment blueprints

·      24/7 Flood deployment/ Facilitating crews to install mitigation measures

·      Building utilities protection

·      Seawall certification

·      Flood vulnerability assessment

·      Product installation training 

·      Flood proofing certificates / Flood venting emergency pumps

·      Flood sensory systems

·      Flood panels/Flood barriers

·      Mock deployment of specific products

·      Perform float test

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