Introducing Golf Course Flood Prevention Program

Flood Risk America announced today the launch of a Golf Course Flood Prevention Program. This program is uniquely designed to help golf course owners and managers acquire flood insurance not only on the clubhouse, but also to the bunkers and fairways as well. Our services are backed by a $10,000 warranty protection plan, so if flooding would happen, we repair up to $10,000 in flood damage. In order to best serve our clients, we have developed a three-step flood prevention process.

The first step of the protection program includes a flood risk assessment, which identifies the exact area of the golf course that is prone to flooding. Once we have performed the assessment, we place our own flood sensory system on the fairways, bunkers, and other parts of the golf course located in the high-risk flood zone. Alerts on current water level activity will be given to both the client and deployment team 24 hours before the storm, along with monitored updates, which can be customized to the needs of the client. 

Lastly, if a golf course is at risk of flooding, our flood loss prevention team is dispatched to the location immediately, providing protection to the course via our double chambered, environmentally friendly, FM globally certified flood barriers.  With the evaluation of the flood risk assessment, flood sensory system, and deployment team, we can prevent any possible flood damage with our provided services.

For more information, contact:

Steve Gill, Partner and CEO
Flood Risk America, Inc.
Phone: 561.578.4220
E-mail: sgill@floodriskamerica.com