How Flood Risk America Prevented $100,000 in Cleanup Costs

Miami Beach is all about sun, turquoise waters, pillowy white sands, and a carefree lifestyle that attracts international residents and visitors alike. From the chic West Avenue and Bay Village areas to the glamorous South of Fifth district with its luxurious high-rise condominiums, Miami Beach truly has it all.

However, Miami Beach is also a coastal area that is vulnerable to tropical storms and flooding. Owning or managing a property in Miami Beach means having robust flood defenses in place. 

First Service Residential in Miami

First Service Residential’s parking garage is especially at risk of significant flood damages - fortunately, they are equipped with Flood Risk America’s marine-grade and durable flood panels. The client credited the cost savings of at least $100,000 in damages to the flood panels that protected the building's parking garage from potential flooding.

If the flood panels were not installed, they would have compromised enclosed areas, which results in flood damage to the cars that are contained. A flooding event can also affect vulnerable utility equipment, such as mechanical, electrical, ventilation, lighting, elevators, and drainage pumps. 

At Flood Risk America, we have seen a number of cases where property owners have lost thousands to millions in flood damage - most of which can be prevented with the right flood protection products. As such, parking garages and basements are a big concern for insurance carriers.

What Makes Flooding Cleanup Costs Expensive?

Cleanup costs for flooding can become expensive due to a variety of factors, including:

  • The extent and severity of the flood
  • Contaminated water requiring specialized cleanup procedures to ensure safety
  • Structural damage that affect the building’s foundations
  • Mold growth requiring specialized treatment to remove and prevent health hazards
  • Wall and flooring replacement, which can be a major reconstruction
  • Property and content damage
  • Damage to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
  • Debris removal requiring heavy machinery and additional labor
  • Insurance coverage and the speed of claims processing impacting the financial burden on property owners
  • High demand for cleanup services following a widespread disaster
  • Shortage of necessary materials and cleanup equipment can increase prices and delays
  • Environmental and safety regulations that add to the complexity and cost of the cleanup
  • Proper disposal of contaminated materials to prevent biohazards

Each of these factors contributes to the overall cost of flood cleanup, making it a potentially complex and costly endeavour depending on the specific circumstances of the flooding event.

Custom Flood Panels For Parking Garages

For First Service Residential’s parking garage in Miami, Flood Risk America designed and installed custom flood panels tailored to fit the unique specifications of the building. 

Flood panels not only protect properties from major flood damage, they significantly enhance the reputation, reliability, and trust of all who use the property. 

Some of the benefits of using custom flood panels for parking garages include:

  • People feel safer knowing there are measures in place to protect their vehicles
  • Demonstrates that the property manager is proactive about flood risks
  • High-quality flood protection measures signal that the property manager is committed to maintaining high standards, enhancing their overall reputation
  • Easy to install and quick deployment in response to flood warnings, without the need for individuals to remove their vehicle from the garage
  • Ensuring that common areas and essential services remain operational
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums if the property manager can demonstrate that they have invested in adequate flood protection products for the long-term

We are glad that FRA flood panels were effective in protecting First Service Residential’s parking garage and preventing costly damages. It’s clear that flood panels are a proactive approach and are an effective form of flood protection.