Flood Risk America Prepares Clients for a Flooding Emergency

Prepare your home or commercial property from flooding during Hurricane season

Flooding is nature’s most deadliest disaster and it is becoming more prevalent every year. In fact, over the past century we have experienced more intense and frequent storms, which is a 20% increase in the past 50 years, and is estimated to grow by 40-45% over the next 90 years.  Damages from these flood losses have increased to an average of about 10 billion per year. More importantly, what are we doing to prevent these damages? 

One company decided to make it their mission to protect and save more properties from flooding emergencies by creating customized flood services to prepare clients and help them understand what risks they face according to their particular location and vulnerability of the property. They have the ability to analyze the clients’ risk, calculate their vulnerability in a 100 and 500 year storm, remap their current location and create custom flood protection products based on the property evaluation.

Flood Risk America is no ordinary flood protection company, they have become the chosen spot for may clients around the country, including Canada. For their flood proofing products, they use light-weight, marine grade and military grade material that is both waterproof, wind and hail proof, and also ballistic, withstanding up to 13,000 PSI. They help builders and architects with pre, post, and during construction consulting services for properties being built in a flood zone to protect all new and existing structures from the damages that can occur from flooding.