New Flood Protection Method that Saves Clients Millions of Dollars

Flooding to any building can cause extensive damage, but elevators tend to be the most susceptible. FRA has created a new flood barrier proection method that saves their clients millios of dollars.

The pits of the elevator are usually one of the lowest points of elevation in a building, giving rise to floodwaters. Some insurance companies will not even pay the entire claim if the client fails to send the elevator cab to the second level. This leaves not only the elevator but also the building and business out of service, costing owners potentially millions of dollars in revenue.

Here at Flood Risk America, we wanted to come up with a competitive and sustainable solution to help clients eliminate their loss, so we created a customized flood panel. The FRA Flood Panel uses imperishable flood seal technology to protect elevators, storefronts, windows, control room doors, unmovable equipment, etc., against rising floodwater. This device creates a sealed barrier around the openings preventing water from entering. Each panel is designed specifically for a customized fabrication to meet individual installation requirements and custom shaping and contouring to meet job-specific demands. 

It is both easy to install and remove, taking less than ten minutes. The FRA Flood Panel is the ONLY FEMA compliant, ISO certified, and insurance industry certified panel on the market. The FRA flood panel has the ability to lower insurance premiums and deductibles, give clients better coverage limits, and help them to obtain federal grant assistance for a flood loss.

The FRA Flood Panel is durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, cost-effective, and designed to withstand more than 13,000 PSI. It was developed with the technology utilized in aerospace, marine, transportation, and energy markets and scientifically developed to withstand harsh saltwater environments. It is made in America, has been rigorously tested by our certified team of engineers, and comes with a guaranteed lifetime warranty. Each panel is specifically designed to create a customized fit, along with an extremely strong structure to protect elevators and control rooms against flooding.