Flood Risk America has a Smarter Approach to Flooding Solutions

Be smart with your flood preparation solutions for your home or commercial property

Flooding is nature’s most deadliest disaster and it is becoming more prevalent every year. With our most recent hurricane, Dorian, we witnessed the destruction starting from the Bahamas and continuing up the East Coast, wreaking havoc from a Category 5 to still causing great flooding and damage when it hit the Carolinas as a Category 1. Damages from these storms have continued to increase to over an average of 10 billion per year.

What can we do to protect and prevent against Mother Nature? Flood Risk America is a proactive flood risk company that offers Flood protection consulting services and patented floodproofing products. They begin by assessing the property in question, gathering historical data, base flood elevations, (or creating them using LIDAR and modeling), and help you to understand your true flooding potential and alleviate your risk by providing you with an in depth vulnerability study, emergency action and floodproofing plan. Once you thoroughly understand your true flooding potential, this company proposes different types of floodproofing products that would best suit your needs. 

For their flood proofing products, Flood Risk America uses patented flood seal technology, military grade material that is used in the haul of an icebreaker and marine vessels, ballistic proof, and water/wind resistant. It is corrosion resistant and 4 times lighter than steel, withstanding more than 13,000 PSI. The FRA Flood Panel can be used on doors, windows, as a retention wall, covering the parameter of a building, and protecting to an extended length and height. 

The Wind-driven rain screen and vulnerable equipment covers are made out of polyester webbing and polypropylene geotextile, making it resistant to abrasion, UV rays and water. This extreme water resistant and ballistic material is being used on windows, doors, covers for parking equipment, trash compactors, and expensive electrical equipment that cannot be moved.