Company Creates Custom Flood Protection Products for Large Coastal Hospitals

Flood Protection Solutions can help protect large building such as coastal hospitals against flooding during a Hurricane.

Flood Risk America is an American manufacturing and flood protection consulting company based in south Florida, but working Nationwide to save commercial businesses and properties from flooding. Their services range from pre-construction consulting, vulnerability studies, flood risk assessments, safety plans, LIDAR flood modeling and mapping, to flood mitigation education. Within the last couple years, they have been contracting with large hospitals across the coast to keep these essential buildings operational during a flooding emergency. 

Their key product that is saving the lives and properties of millions, is the FRA Flood Panel. This Floodproofing product is unlike any other of its kind on the market. The core components were used in the military and in the haul of an icebreaker to hold back water. This light-weight material can be molded, shaped, and customized to create a multitude of functioning flood protection measures. Clients are using the FRA Panel on their elevators, mechanical rooms, doors, windows, vents, and even drains. 

Flood Risk America has customized each client’s flood panels to protect their vulnerable and essential equipment, creating boxes and caps for ventilation, while still providing a sealed protection to hold back water from entering. This product is just one of many that is creating a revolution in the flood industry.