Case Study: Protecting The University of Houston’s Boiler Room

The boiler room at the University of Houston is a prime example of why tailored flood protection is crucial. During a series of intense rainstorms, rising floodwaters were a risk to the campus’ boiler room.

Boiler rooms are particularly susceptible to flooding due to their typically low placement within buildings and the critical nature of the equipment they house.

Flood Protection For Boiler Rooms

When people consider flood protection, they often think about safeguarding doors, windows, and the perimeter of their property. While these measures are important, it's equally important to protect internal critical areas like boiler rooms and electrical rooms. 

These rooms house essential equipment that, if damaged by floodwaters, can lead to operational disruptions and costly repairs. Even if you have flood defenses on the perimeter of your property, internal areas need dedicated protection.

Here's why protecting boiler rooms is so important:

  • Boiler rooms contain essential machinery that can lead to costly repairs and downtime if they’re damaged by floodwaters.
  • Floodwaters can pose significant safety hazards, including electrical shocks, gas leaks, and fires. Protecting boiler rooms from flooding helps mitigate these risks.
  • For institutions like universities, operational continuity is vital. Flooding in boiler rooms can disrupt heating and cooling systems, impacting the entire campus. Custom flood panels help ensure that these essential services remain operational during and after a flood event.

Why Custom Flood Panels Are an Ideal Solution

Flood panels are a crucial defense mechanism against rising waters, but it's important to recognize that they are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each property has unique features and vulnerabilities, requiring customized flood protection strategies. 

In the case of the University of Houston’s boiler room, generic flood panels would not have worked for this space. There are corners, specific dimensions, and angles that we needed to work with when creating this client’s customized flood panels. 

Every building has distinct characteristics such as door sizes, equipment placements, and structural layouts that are unique to that property. Custom flood panels are designed to fit these specific parameters, ensuring maximum protection.

Expertise in Flood Prevention

At Flood Risk America, we understand that effective flood prevention requires more than just installing barriers. Our team of experts brings years of experience and proven techniques to the table.

We take a comprehensive and hands-on approach to flood protection. Here’s how we help:

  • Our process begins with an on-site inspection, where our team of flood experts assesses your property's vulnerabilities and requirements. 
  • Based on this detailed evaluation, we provide tailored recommendations on what should be protected on your property, such as elevators, doors, windows, and floor drains, to name a few.
  • We design and fabricate custom flood panels specifically suited to your property's needs, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection. 
  • We provide flood panel deployment training for your team, as well as emergency planning services to ensure that your property is protected.
  • We provide support and can answer any questions you have so that you feel confident and ready during a flood event.

Protecting Our Communities

As flood events in the USA increase due to climate change, protecting our communities against flood damage is crucial for ensuring safety and economic stability. Floods pose significant risks to human life and health, and by implementing effective flood protection measures, we can prevent injuries and fatalities caused by rising waters.

Economically, flood damage can devastate local economies by destroying homes, businesses, and infrastructure. Effective flood prevention safeguards homes, businesses, and public buildings, preserving property values and reducing repair and replacement costs. Additionally, by protecting against floods, we help ensure economic stability by minimizing business interruptions, preserving jobs, and reducing insurance claims.

Don’t leave your property’s flood protection to chance. Contact Flood Risk America today to learn more about how our custom flood panels and tailored flood prevention solutions can protect your community from the devastating effects of flooding.