Keep your property protected from flooding with custom-fabricated Virginia Beach flood barriers.

The flood experts at FRA can help you understand your flood risk and create a flood prevention plan proven to protect your property.

Virginia Beach often experiences heavy rain, tropical storms, and is susceptible to hurricane events. It is estimated 19,503 or 14% of all properties within Virginia Beach have a 26% or greater chance of experiencing severe flooding within the next 30 years. Is your property in a flood zone? Flood maps are often outdated leaving your property under-prepared in the event of a flood.

The experts at Flood Risk America have the tools and experience to create a detailed and accurate flood map of your property. Our flood maps are insurance-industry approved and can help you reduce your premiums. Once you have an accurate understanding of your flood risk, flood prevention systems can be fabricated to efficiently and effectively protect your property.

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How do I know what type of flood barrier I need for my property?

Flood Risk America has a wide range of flood barriers to help protect your property in the event of a flood. Whether you need to protect a large landscape or openings within your structure, our products can be easily installed and guaranteed to prevent flood damages. Our water-filled flood protection barriers are suggested to protect golf courses or large luxury properties. Used as an alternative to sandbags, FRA water-filled flood barriers act as a wall to direct and control the flow of water away from your property safely protecting your land.

Additionally, our popular FRA flood panels use our patented flood-seal technology to stop water from entering any opening. Light-weight, corrosion resistant, and easy-to-install in minutes, our flood panels are the leading flood prevention system in America. FEMA-compliant, our flood panels are fabricated out of military marine-grade material. The same material was used on the infamous ice-breaker vessel. With the ability to withstand 170mph hurricane-force winds, our flood panels come with a lifetime guarantee.

The experts in Virginia Beach flood control

Understanding and controlling the flow of flooding water is the expertise of Flood Risk America. We pride ourselves in creating technology to effectively prevent damages to your property in the case of a tropical storm or hurricane. Our team has over 20 years of experience in flood control and can consult on your real estate developments to help your architects design a floodproof building and understand the area’s flood and insurance regulations.

Flood Risk America recently saved a high-end resort from flooding with their pre-emergency flood program. Devastated by the tropical storm Claudette, this resort was protected by installing FRA flood panels before the event occurred.

Learn how the team at Flood Risk America can help you control flooding around your property before flooding occurs.

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