How To Know If Your Flood Risk Mitigation Plan Is Effective

Flood mitigation involves strategies, communication, and the use of flood barriers to reduce the risk of flooding and minimize the potential damage that can result from a flood. A flood mitigation plan can help lower recovery costs, save property, and - most importantly - save lives. It is a critical plan of action that should be developed by flood experts, engineers, architects, educators, and other professionals in the field.

The challenge with flood mitigation plans is that it can be tough to determine whether it will be effective, unless a flood event has already happened with the plan in place and experts are able to assess its efficacy. And when flood waters are rising, it’s too late to gauge whether the plan will work. This highlights the importance of working with flood experts who have the experience and knowledge to develop a plan for your specific commercial or residential property.

If you have an existing flood mitigation plan in place or you’re building a strategy, here are some key questions that will help you determine if your flood mitigation plan is effective.

Is it a long term strategy?

A flood mitigation plan will help you prepare for a flood but it should not be limited to only that single flood event. And while it’s important to prepare for an upcoming flood, a true and effective flood mitigation plan considers the long term.

The reality is that climate change continues to increase flood events and the risk of flooding around the world. This is a circumstance that we cannot ignore. Flood mitigation plans need to be a long term strategy that not only address potential current incidents but also takes adaptation into account. 

A flood risk refers to the extent of economic loss from a flooding event and the probability that this loss will occur. For this reason, a flood mitigation plan must focus on the:

  • Probability and magnitude of flooding, including the specifics of the particular location such as elevation, proximity to a body of water, and susceptibility to storm surges.
  • Value of assets exposed to the flood hazards (ie: property and equipment).
  • Vulnerability of the property and consequences of a flood.
  • Performance of flood protection products put in place.

Is the community informed?

It’s important for all who are located in the vicinity of the flood hazard and who are responsible for flood mitigation activity understand the risks they face and the preparations in place to minimize loss. People want to be aware and informed of the steps that may be taken to protect them, their assets, and to reduce the risk of damage. 

Community education is an important step in a long-term flood mitigation strategy. Cities and towns rely on small-community involvement that makes a significant impact on the economy as a whole.

Are flood products easy to deploy?

Last but certainly not least, flood products must be simple and easy to deploy. When an impending flood event is near, there is very little time to set up complicated barriers. Furthermore, many businesses prefer or must stay open for as long as possible before putting flood barriers in place - especially essential services such as grocery stores and medical facilities.

At Flood Risk America, our flood panels are lightweight yet incredibly strong and can be put in place without equipment. They can be secured with a few easy-turn knobs, making them quick and simple to deploy. Our flood protection products include:

  • Flood panels - These panels serve as a door barrier during hurricanes, providing excellent defense against flooding and water damage.
  • Protection boxes - These boxes shield equipment that can’t be moved or equipment that require protection and ventilation.
  • Floor drain protection - These systems, which are also used in aerospace settings and on United States Navy and Air Force vessels, can withstand harsh saltwater environments.
  • Equipment protection - These systems protect essential equipment and items that you can’t relocate out of flood-prone areas. 
  • Compression panels for glass - These panels create a sealed flood protection barrier around openings, preventing water from entering. They include a compression bar that allows the panel to be firmly seated against the glass.
  • Wind-driven rain & hail protection - These products use specialized, military-grade fabric to stop 98% of wind-driven rain.
  • Water-filled flood barriers - These strong barriers protect buildings from wave action. You can use them as an effective long-term solution that will withstand the constant force of wave energy.

All of our flood protection products secures your property and equipment while providing the flexibility to keep the property open until the last possible moment. With effective flood protection, your property and assets stay dry and allow for faster recovery time.

At Flood Risk America, we go beyond simply selling a product. Our experienced flood professionals work with you to execute Commercial Flood Protection and Residential Flood Protection, including:

  • Flood Risk Analysis 
  • Floodproofing 
  • Flood Mapping 
  • Construction Consulting 

We provide support when you need it with our 24/7 flood deployment services.