Construction Consulting To Create A Flood Risk Mitigation Plan

Did you know that 82% of the world’s population is vulnerable to floods? And with climate change increasing the chances of weather-related catastrophes, this number remains steady and may continue to rise as we feel the true impact of the world’s climate crisis.

Natural disasters impact communities, homes, businesses, and people’s livelihoods. There is an urgent need now more than ever to protect properties and strategize to make new buildings more resilient to flooding events. At Flood Risk America, we help our clients navigate Floodplain Requirements when building in a flood zone. Keep reading to learn more about our commercial real estate construction consulting services that will help protect your property against flooding catastrophes.

During the initial planning stage

When you’re building in a flood zone, there are certain regulations, laws, and policies that must be met to protect the public. Our experienced team of flood experts will help you navigate these regulations and analyze specific conditions pertaining to the development that may impact flood water mitigation assessments. 

Working with flood experts during the development planning stage can prove to be advantageous:

  • Commercial flood prevention in place that is specific to the property’s flood water vulnerability assessment.
  • The architectural design mitigates the intrusion of potential flood waters, reducing the property’s vulnerability to damage and loss along with effective flood protection in place.
  • Cost savings on insurance premiums from specific design considerations.
  • Businesses can qualify for lower insurance premium rates with proper flood prevention strategies in place.
  • Storage requirements for flood prevention products are planned ahead and integrated into the design.
  • A customized commercial floodproofing design with the right flood products.
  • An FRA Commercial Floodproofing Certification creates a positive impression on customers, employees, and the overall business.

During the construction phase

Our team is here to help at any phase of your construction process from start to finish. During construction, we have the resources available to help with Local, State, and Federal floodplain regulations. Having the help of a flood expert during the construction stage helps with:

  • Ensuring that all commercial structural designs and engineering are NFIP- and FEMA-compliant with recommendations when necessary.
  • Reducing commercial construction costs and expediting permitting time.
  • Ensuring there is proper photograph documentation of the commercial floodproofing construction, which can be useful for insurance and legal purposes.
  • Ensuring third-party inspection reports related to your property are reviewed, analyzed, and understood.
  • Creating a floodproofing letter to confirm commercial requirements are met.
  • Certifying commercial floodproofing components and system.
  • Certifying substantial impermeability.
  • Developing a customized Emergency Action Plan and Flood Maintenance specific to the site.

The impact of floodproofing your site during development

A current and detailed assessment of the site’s floodwater vulnerability can greatly reduce flood-related losses for commercial properties. While communities have access to the area’s flood risk assessment, many are outdated and aren’t tailored to the specific site. Furthermore, working with flood experts during the construction phase allows for planning customized flood protection products and integrated storage solutions within the construction process, including:

  • Flood panels
  • Flood protection boxes
  • Compression panel for glass
  • Floor drain protection
  • Flood bag equipment protection
  • Water-filled flood barriers
  • Wind-driven rain/hail protection

At Flood Risk America, we can identify current flood threat probabilities for commercial properties with great detail. This critical step in the construction of a commercial property reduces vulnerability, the risk of flood-related damages, and increases the safety of all who access your building. Contact us today to learn more about flood risk construction consulting.