NYC Flood Assessment and Protection Systems

Flood Protection for New York, NY.

Tropical storms and hurricanes affect New York City and cause expensive damages. It is important to understand your flood risk and prepare an effective solution to protect your property from flooding. Flood Risk America provides American-made, marine-grade, custom flood barrier and protection solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Our products use our patented flood-seal technology creating a sealed barrier from water entering your property.

Historically, Lower Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, the Brox and Brooklyn have had the highest risk for flooding. The aging sewer systems and ocean coastlines cause the city of New York to have a high than normal risk of flooding. Knowing your risk for flooding is the first step in creating a prevention plan. Learn more below about our flood mapping, flood risk assessment services and flood prevention products.

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Flood Risk Assessments for New York City

At Flood Risk America the quality of our data is guaranteed, audited and 99.9% accurate. Flood Risk America assessment reports are created using a web-based system with nationally certified flood plan managers dedicated to provided real-time assessment and data.

Our flood assessment process is easy with minimal requirements from the property owners. Many existing flood maps and analysis’ are inaccurate, using out-dated technology.The FRA flood map assessment may successfully reclassify your flood zone structures saving the property owner up to 85% on flood insurance. Knowing your flood elevation and flood risk will help you understand, plan and prevent damage of your commercial or residential building. The NYC flood risk assessments are beneficial for new real estate developments allowing structural and preventative changes. Our FRA experts can help you consult on your NYC construction projects helping you navigate regulations and preventative measures.

Flood Risk America Flood Protection Systems

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New York City Custom Fabricated Flood Protection Products

Finding the right product for your property is important for effective protection from flooding. Flood Risk America’s products are custom fabricated to suit the exact size requirements for maximized protection with our marine-grade material and flood-seal technology. Our floodproofing experts are here to help you find the right product for your property.

Many property owners are concerned with the costly damage to their glass windows and doors during a tropical storm or hurricane. Our compressional panels are specifically engineered with high-strength aluminum offers strength comparable to steel shoring beams and effective protection from flooding. Along with compressional panels for glass, FRA provides vault-sealed door protection with our FRA Flood protection panels for doors. Also suitable for commercial and overhead doors, our flood panels can be easily installed within 7 minutes.

During a coastal storm, the city of New York sewer systems can back-up causing water to rise into your home or business. Flood Risk America provides floor drain protection products to stop water from flooding into your property through rising water. Our easy-turn knob systems allow you to install your floor drain flood protection system quickly and sealed tight without any tools.