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Naples, Florida is at a high risk for damages caused by flooding

Flooding is the most common of all-natural disasters outside of fire. The city of Naples, Florida is particularly susceptible to flooding due to its unique geographic location. Naples lies close to sea level and has its underground water supply below the ground surface. Drainage often overflows during severe rain events or storm surges. Flooding can also occur during high tide, leaving rainwater seeping into your property. The City often experiences severe rain events and storm surges and all residences of Naples live within a flood zone and are at risk. Those who live within low-lying, coastal, or downstream from large bodies of water are most at risk of flooding.

Along with many ares in Florida, Naples suffers from out-dated flood maps and zones areas. Flood Risk America is a FEMA Compliant insurance-certified association allowing our flood mapping and analysis to be recognized and beneficial to property owners. Without proper analysis, your property is at high risk for bloated insurance premiums and susceptible to costly damages due to flooding.

Flood Prevention Services

Types of Flood Prevention

Flood Risk America provides a wide-range of American-made, marine-grade flood prevention products custom fabricated to for your properties unique prevention. FRA flood panels use our patented flood-seal technology creating a sealed barrier around any opening. Coastal properties such as those in Naples are at severe risk for damages. Learn more about our custom flood prevention products including flood barriers for glass windows and doors.

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Quality flood prevention from the experts

The team at Flood Risk America has been helping America protect their property for over 20 years. Our founder, Stephen Gill’s passion for flood prevention came from his front-line efforts as a participant for the Hurricane Katrina Recovery Team. He understand first-hand the important of flood prevention and the life-altering damages a hurricane can leave behind.

Flood Risk America is partners with FEMA and with multiple U.S. and Canadian property insurance carriers. His unique experience includes guiding the National Flood Insurance Forum (NFIF) in reviewing online course education and legislation advisement for the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012.

Our case studies speak for themselves, learn how we have helped hundreds of property owners save money and save their property from extensive damages caused by flooding.


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