Fort Lauderdale, Florida Flood Risk Management and Prevention

Flood Risk Management and Flood Prevention Systems in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In the city of Fort Lauderdale, many residents are affected by devastating flooding events. These areas are zoned as a Special Flood Hazard Area(SFHA), warning residents flooding may occur during heavy rainfalls, hurricanes or other natural disasters. As a result, residents may be required to obtain flood insurance using existing and provided flood mapping information. Residents of Fort Lauderdale, Florida may save up to 20% on their insurance premiums by electing to install flood prevention systems. What you may not know is your flood prevention system and insurance premiums are based on your flood risk assessment provided by your flood map. Flood maps in Florida are often out-of-date and in-accurate, leaving you with in-effective flood prevention for your property and bloated insurance premiums.

At Flood Risk America, we are recognized by FEMA and can submit new flood map data accepted by your insurance carriers. We use the latest technology, providing you with accurate flood elevation data with effective flood prevention solutions.

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Flood Prevention Systems in For Lauderdale, FL

Fort Lauderdale is located in a low and flat geographical area surrounded by water making the city especially susceptible to flooding. In the event of a high tide, storm surge, tropical storm, or hurricane the cities surrounding waterways cause flooding damaging your property.

FRA flood protection solutions are custom fabricated, American-made and created with military-grade material. Each of our flood control products are made to withstand hurricane force-winds and heavy flooding.

Our patented flood-seal technology creates a dry seal, stopping water from entering any doorway including commercial garages and luxury glass. FRA protection boxes can save your essential electrical equipment from even a drop of water. Looking to protect larger areas or property? Learn about of environmentally friendly water-filled flood barriers. They direct the flow of water away from your property ensuring no damage is caused. Our light-weight wind and hail shields can withstands 170 MPH winds and are bullet proof, the perfect solution to cover any fragile area. No matter the need, we create custom, easy to install, smart flood prevention systems.

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Flood Risk America experienced experts are the leaders in flood risk assessment and prevention. We are FEMA recognizing and adhere to a rigorous quality control program to ensure that all data is current and accurate. Our trusted certified flood map engineers are constantly developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the toughest flood risk challenges. Quality Assurance is extremely important to us and we make sure that every factor of our system and process is properly analyzed.

Our experienced flood risk team will guide your through each step, helping you to understand the data provided and how our flood prevention system will save your property from damages.

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