Flood Protection Services in Columbus, Ohio

Flood protection in Columbus has become increasingly important with its risk of flash-flooding.

Difficult to predict, storm clouds can linger, dumping endless rainfall. The number of flash floods due to heaving rains has become more common each year. In 2020, Columbus experienced two flash flooding events causing extensive damages to residents. In 2021, over eight million dollars in damages were reported due to flooding. Experts suggest 7% or 18,503 properties are currently at risk in Columbus are predicted to increase to 19,885 over the next thirty years.

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Flood protection products in Columbus

The flash flooding in Columbus causes water to seep into your property, often rising from the ground. FRA has a wide range of flood protection systems custom fabricated to suit your unique needs. The following are our most popular flood protection products:

Flood panels
Water-filled flood barriers
Flood protection boxes
Compression panels for glass

Our dry-seal products, such as the FRA Flood panel, are made in America and use only marine-grade material. They are able to withstand up to 170mph winds. FRA flood prevention products are lightweight and easy to install.

Golf courses in central Ohio are at risk for extensive damages due to flash flooding. The low elevations often fill with water, eroding the pathways of the golf course. Flood Risk America’s water-filled flood barriers are a cost-effective solution for golf course flood protection. Easy to install and environmentally friendly, water-filled flood barriers are a better alternative to traditional sandbags.

Flood Risk America Flood Protection

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Flood mapping services in Columbus

Flood Risk America flood mapping services can provide accurate FEMA-approved and insurance-certified information. Current flood map reports in the Columbus area can be outdated and inaccurate. This may result in bloated insurance premiums and in-efficient flood prevention solutions. FRA flood maps are created using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging Technology).

The unique LiDAR technology accuracy is attributed to its pulsed laser used to calculate an object’s variable distances from the earth’s surface. Conventional methods result in low accuracy results and are unable to produce high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) data. Having accurate information to prevent flood damage to your property is essential to protection. Learn more about how Flood Risk America can help you update your property’s flood map.

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