Flood Prevention in Key West, Florida

Understanding your flood risk is the first step in flood prevention from tropical storms or a hurricane flooding events in Key West, Florida

Approximately 99% of properties in Key West, Flordia are currently at risk for flooding. With increasing sea levels and weather pattern changes, flooding risk is expected to continually increase within the next 30 years. Tropical storms, hurricanes coupled with drainage issues cause severe flooding. In 2021, $58.7 million in damage was caused due to flooding.

In 2017, Hurricane Irma’s storm surge impacted 2,087 properties in Key West while Hurricane Wilma damaged 4,944 properties in October 2005.

“The Florida Keys are one of the most vulnerable places to flooding in North America,” said Kristina Hill, an environmental planner at the University of California, Berkeley,

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Flood prevention for golf courses in Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys is a popular tourist destination. With a high risk for flooding and tropical storms, saving your resort from costly damages and high insurance premiums can save your business. Without accurate flood assessments and flood protection solutions you leave your coastal resort vulnerable to costly damage.

Flood Insurance is a must-have for all coastal resort owners, however, are you paying the proper rate? Does your resort have effective flood protection? In most cases, your flood map and flood assessment data use old technology and are out-of-date causing inflated premiums and additional costs to your flood prevention systems. At Flood Risk America, we use the advanced and accurate commercial flood mapping system LiDAR. The LiDAR system laser emits light that travels to the ground and reflects off objects. Unlike the LiDAR, conventional methods result in low accuracy results and are unable to produce high-resolution digital elevation model (DEM) data.

Flood Risk America is experienced in flood prevention for resorts including protection for large glass windows and walls. Our easy-to-install flood barrier systems are effective to protect your property and essential equipment from costly water damage. FRA water-filled barrier systems are good for low elevation properties controlling and directing the flow of water away from your property. FRA water-filled flood barriers require less labor, are more cost-effective, and are less hazardous to the environment than using traditional sandbags.

Protect your resort in the Flordia Keys from a flooding event, contact Flood Risk America. Our team of experts will provide a cost-effective solution for your property.

Flood Risk America Flood Protection Systems

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Get to know Flood Risk America

Flood Risk America is an expert in flood risk assessment and prevention. Our products are American-made, marine grade, and built to withstand hurricane forced winds. FRA adheres to a rigorous Quality Control Program to ensure that all data is current and accurate. Our trusted team, certified flood map engineers are constantly developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the toughest flood risk challenges. With this pertinent information, there is control over risk, uncertainty is reduced and the efficiency of your Property Portfolio is drastically improved. Quality Assurance is extremely important to us and we make sure that every factor of our system and process is properly analyzed.

Our experienced flood risk team will guide you through each step, helping you to understand the data provided and how our flood prevention system will save your property from damages.

FRA Easy-install Flood Protection Systems