Luxury Condominium Coastal Flooding Protection

The Situation

Ritz-Carlton Residences is a luxury condominium featuring large open floor plans and deep balconies offering panoramic water views of the Sarasota Bay. The facility touts personalized service, top-end finishes and indelible experiences. But coastal flooding threatened those experiences when the lobby, elevators and mechanical equipment rooms were flooded by a storm surge during a hurricane. Saltwater destruction and excessive cleanup was disruptive and costly for the property’s owners.

The Recommendation

The Ritz-Carlton contacted Flood Risk America (FRA) to find a solution – one that would protect critical infrastructure, install easily, deploy without forklifts or special tools/equipment and be cost-effective. FRA conducted a flood risk analysis and recommended six-foot storm surge protection using FRA Flood Panels.

FRA Flood Panels are lightweight, marine-grade, custom-fabricated panels that feature EPA-approved gaskets to create a sealed barrier around the opening. FRA Flood Panels protect critical infrastructure to maintain compliance with local and federal environmental protection regulations. Once installed, the panels exceed both insurance and FEMA wind and water intrusion standards as well as meet and exceed local building codes.

Flood Risk America installed the custom-made panels and trained the maintenance team to easily deploy the system. No special tools are required as they feature easy-turn knob fittings.

The Warranty Program from Flood Risk America was also important to the Ritz-Carlton Residences. FRA Flood Panels have a lifetime guarantee and the company returns to the facility regularly to inspect panels, gaskets, anchors, hardware and vulnerable parts. If any are found to be in disrepair, they are replaced at no additional cost.

The Results

Personalized service, floodproofing solutions, quality products and cost effective applications from Flood Risk America allow the owners and residents of Ritz-Carlton Residences to feel safe and secure. Now the maintenance staff can focus on property preservation and amenities that residents will appreciate without worry of damage from future storm surges.