Protection against heavy rain

Learn how FRA saved a property owner's high net- worth home from flooding using their creative flood protection solutions and American-Made products.


My property floods during heavy rainfall and especially during a King Tide." - Property Owner

FRA received a phone call one day from a property owner in Delray Beach, FL who lived in a neighborhood on the inter-coastal that was prone to flooding, especially during a king tide. She was concerned about the available options to protect her high-net-worth- home and the damages that were occurring with each flood.

Flood Risk Assessment

After hearing the Owner's concerns, FRA conducted a Flood Risk Assessment on the property to gain information on historical data, land elevations, property structure, and more.

FRA conducted a site visit

  • 1. Met with client at property

    FRA went out to the property to personally to meet with the client and explain findings from Flood Risk Assessment and learn more about the property.

  • 2. Walked around property with owner to discuss flooding issues

    A trained flood mitigation specialist from FRA walked around the property to visualize the areas of concern and come up with flood protection solutions.

  • 3. Explained potential options

    FRA's trained flood mitigation specialist spoke to the client about the different available options that would be designed specifically for the client.

Flood Protection Begins

Since this wasn't an ordinary case, FRA came up with some creative solutions to protect the home using the FRA Flood Panel per the client's request from the available flood protection product options offered by FRA. They used a concrete pour around the property to match the existing walkways and to make a beautiful path when the flood protection is not in place.


FRA creates a concrete pour to match decor of home for the installation of the FRA Flood Panel.


"We have been very happy with the entire process and great working with Steve and Rickie and his crew."

- Property Owner