Flood Risk America Saves Elevators from Flooding In Critical Health Facility in New Orleans

One of nature’s deadliest disasters, flooding, is occurring more frequently than ever before. The number of hurricanes and tropical storms has been increasing each year, causing billions of dollars in property damage and flood-related claims. When protecting a property, most people think about protecting the outside structures from allowing water to enter, but water can enter through many different ways, and without a proper assessment you can be subject to these expensive damages. Flood Risk America, a company that specializes in American-made flood protection products and flood consulting services, understands first-hand the importance of prevention and recently saved a critical health facility in New Orleans by deploying their FRA Flood Panel on their elevator doors.

The consequences of water damage and flooding in your elevators and valuable assets can not only devastate a property but hinder the facility’s ability to function. This devastation can cause loss of business and interruption to both the clients and owners. In some cases, flooding has left elevators and essential equipment in control rooms inoperable. “We have been contacted by many owners, expressing their frustrations because their facilities could not function due to essential equipment being placed in basements, sub-basements, or ground floor levels that flooded,” said Stephen Gill, CEO of Flood Risk America and Flood Risk Canada.

Flood Risk America’s FRA Flood Panel is the perfect solution for flood protection and is custom-made in the United States. The FRA flood Panel features a marine-grade material core, making it lightweight and extremely fast to deploy. FRA flood panels are an innovative product when compared to the heavy grade steel or aluminum panels typically seen. FRA flood panels are cost-effective and are deployed without the use of a forklift, which is why many property owners and builders are choosing this particular flood protection product for their own facilities.