Drain Protection from Hurricane Flooding

The Situation

Protection of Drains and Ground Level Areas FRA Flood Drain and Flood Panel Protection
Fortune House Condo is a lovely facility offering residents beautiful views of the city and the Bay. But the experience was far from lovely after a recent hurricane. The building’s lobby was flooded with three feet of water from a nearby waterway and was closed to traffic for almost four months.

The Recommendation

The building’s property management team contacted Flood Risk America (FRA) for a flood risk analysis. FRA engineers identified a number of vulnerabilities including the drains in the parking garage and recommended a deployment plan to protect drain covers and openings – anywhere water could enter the building. They also recommended additional
waterproofing in the basement to prevent water intrusion.

Flood Risk America provided FRA Flood Panels to protect openings on the first floor and FRA Drain Covers to protect drains in the parking deck. These panels and covers are lightweight, marine-grade and custom-fabricated with EPA-approved gaskets to create a sealed barrier around the opening. FRA Flood Panels protect critical infrastructure and FRA Drain Covers prevent backflow from entering the building. Both products comply with local and federal environmental protection regulations.

Flood Risk America installed the custom-made panels and trained the two- person maintenance team to easily deploy the system in just three hours – a critical requirement of the property managers.

The Flood Risk America warranty program was also important to Fortune
House Condo. Panels and covers have a lifetime guarantee. As part of the warranty, FRA returns each year to inspect panels, gaskets, anchors and hardware and vulnerable parts are replaced when needed.

The Results

Fortune House Condo retains its beautiful views both inside and outside. The property managers and residents are confident that their investment will protect the building from storm surges and flood damage in the future.