Flood Risk America Launches Live Flooding Sensory System, Helps Mitigate Flood Risk

Flood Risk America, Inc. (“FRA” or the “Company”) announced today it has added a new flood risk monitoring and prevention tool – Flood Sensory System. Deployed in the flood-ways, the system monitors and alerts on the current water level activity, wind speed, and velocity action in a specific location.

“We are excited to finally be able to have this extremely effective and cost-efficient flood defense tool, allowing for the fastest possible response to a flood event in the United States and Canada, making it a great addition to our already extensive flood defense services portfolio,” – said Steve Gill, CEO of Flood Risk America.

The flood sensory system monitors streams and rivers. It measures wave action, tides, currents, stream levels, stream-flow data, groundwater levels, the amount of rainfall, dam failure, and wind speed. It allows property owners to access the data online from any location and monitor it live, setting alerts for when the flood barrier deployment is needed.

“Timely and accurate information on the property’s flood risk is the first step to keeping property owners and insurers free from liability and disruptions caused by flood related damages,” added Mr. Gill. “Then it is our job to make sure America is safe from flooding, having a proactive emergency preparedness team to deploy innovative flood barriers in a moments-notice, and use other highly effective flood defense techniques to help mitigate the risk of flooding.”