Company Finds way to Save Companies Money, Without Having Them Spend Out-of-Pocket For Their Services.

Every business owner on earth wants to find a way to save and make more money, especially without paying out-of- pocket for the expenses. Just when we thought the saying of “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” was correct, we met Stephen Gill, the partner and CEO of Flood Risk America.

Flood Risk America is a proactive flood mitigation company that specializes in evaluation and reporting of flood risks throughout the United States and Canada. They are comprised of a team of flood professionals who strive to help clients avoid flood losses while focusing on exposure, uninsured losses, and liability. The mission of the company is to keep clients happy and to not only save them money on their flood premiums and deductibles, but to provide that service free of charge.

How do they do that and still make money? When asked this question, Stephen’s response was admirable. “We are here to serve our clients, and those who use our services continue to refer us to others that they know. We are not here for the greed of money, but to help others understand the benefits and what they can save each year to keep their businesses growing.”

Not only does this company save their clients money on their flood premiums and deductibles, but also if they find you are within a flood zone they have flood mitigation products to prevent damage from occurring and assistance with Federal grant funding to help you acquire money from the government. FRA’s services range from pre-construction consulting, flood risk assessments, weather/peril data for special events, to flood mitigation products for buildings, elevators, control rooms, and essential equipment.  They provide flood mitigation for different industries such as golf courses, railroads, and real estate, and educational seminars on flood safety and mitigation.