How can I protect my business from flooding during a hurricane?

Heavy rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes cause millions in flood damages across America each year. Owners ask, how can I protect my business from flooding during a hurricane? Pre-emergency planning is the first step in saving your investment(s) from costly damages.

Property owners often are required to have flood insurance and/or flood protection systems in place. Unknown to most, prevention systems are often created from in-accurate and outdated flood mapping data. Flood risk experts suggest receiving a flood risk analysis and flood map every five years for effective protection. Insurance premiums may also be affected by inaccurate flood maps, with insurance-recognized flood maps such as those found at Flood Risk America, you can see a reduction in yearly insurance premiums.

Using a corrosion-resistant material for your flood barrier is most effective for long-term usage. The ocean's saltwater rust traditional flood barrier materials and need to be replaced after a few uses. Gel-coated WTR layer composite is recommended for any saltwater flood environment. This lightweight material is less than five pounds per square foot, allowing for a quick and easy installation. Easy-turn carbon-steel knobs are also a great feature on any flood panel.

Out-of-the-box flood panels are not recommended for effective flood control. These bulk products have not been curated to your property's unique contours leaving open spaces for water to enter. Custom-fabricated flood panels will create a floodproof dry seal, stopping water from entering even when pooled. Flood panels can also be fitted around any exterior equipment such as electrical boxes to save from costly damages.

City drainage issues often lead to water seeping upwards into your building when there are heavy rains. Traditional exterior flood panels will not stop water from coming up from your drain. Drain covers are the solution to stop flooding. Similar to the flood panels, drain covers snap in place seating the area and stopping water from creeping into your building or property.

What if I need to protect a large landscape? Sandbags are the traditional choice to create a wall and direct the flow of water away from any large landscape. Labor-intensive to install, and difficult to clean up, sandbags are not an easy flood prevention solution. Water-filled flood barriers can be deployed, filled, deconstructed, and reused. Also custom-fabricated to fit your landscape, water-filled barriers can stop water from pooling and damage your property.