Is Naples, Florida at risk of flooding?

Flooding occurs within all 50 states and is the most common of all-natural disasters outside of fire. The city of Naples, Florida is particularly susceptible to flooding due to its unique geographic location.

Naples lies close to sea level and has its underground water supply below the ground surface. Drainage often overflows during severe rain events or storm surges. Flooding can also occur during high tide, leaving rainwater seeping into your property. The City of Naples often experiences severe rain events and storm surges. All residences of Naples live within a flood zone and are at risk. Those who live within low-lying, coastal, or downstream from large bodies of water are most at risk of flooding.

Did you know just an inch of water can cause costly damages to your property? Water can erode the structure of your property without proper flood barriers in place. Flood barriers made from marine-grade material and able to withstand up to 170mph, are recommended to stop water from entering your home or business.

If you live in Naples, you are at risk of flood damages. 98% of properties are at risk; 25% of flooding occurs outside designated mapped flood zones. With most property insurance not covering flood damage and outdated flood maps, owners are at high risk for costly property damages and should take steps to review their flood risk. Florida has experienced five federally declared disasters due to flooding since the year 2000, sustaining severe flood damage throughout hurricanes and tropical storms. Receiving a new flood map through an insurance industry-certified association such as Flood Risk America, you can lower your insurance premiums and prepare your home or business for potential flooding.

Recently, Hurricane Elsa threatened the coastline of Naples, FL. worrying residents costly damages could occur due to high winds and surging floods. Luckily, Hurricane Elsa passed by the coast, leaving the city left unharmed. Florida still needs to stay prepared; NOAA has reported they expect three to five major hurricanes (wind speeds above 111 miles per hour) this year.

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