Elevators protected during Hurricane Ida

FRA Flood Panels recently protected elevators from flooding during Hurricane Ida

Flood Risk America's flood panels recently protected Miami Beach First Service building lobby elevators from flash flooding during Hurricane Ida. Flood panels were installed by employees of the Miami Beach First Service building within 5 minutes of the Hurricane warning. Easy to deploy with a lifetime warranty, FRA flood panels only need 1 person to install.

Hurricane #Ida is currently causing devastating wind and flood damages impacting several states including Louisiana, New Jersey, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Flordia. FRA flood panels and other flood protection products have saved property owners hundreds of thousands throughout Hurricane Ida alone. Our lightweight quick install products are customizable for your business and are available for large commercial, resort, and retail properties. Made with marine-grade material in America, and the ability to stand 170mph Hurricane-force winds, there is no better protection from flood than FRA flood prevention products.

Golf course owners often use traditional sandbags to help drive the flow of water away from their property. Sandbags are not friendly to the environment, costly, and take time and effort to install. Flood Risk America provides a solution with our water-filled flood barriers. Specifically designed to save your property from flooding, FRA water-filled flood barriers are environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and take minutes to install.