How long does it take to install a flood barrier?

The FRA flood panel protection barrier can be installed within 7 minutes.

With the threat of a hurricane looming, the overwhelming need to quickly install your flood barrier increases. Flood protection barriers can be heavy and difficult to install. Many need the use of several men to light and tighten the barrier hoping to create a tight enough seal to protect water from entering.

The solution? FRA flood panel protection barriers are a lightweight material and can be installed within seven minutes per person. Covered in a corrosion-resistant gel coat, the WTR layer composite material weighs under 5 pounds PSF. How can such a lightweight material protect from hurricane flooding? Used on the infamous icebreaker vessel, the WTR layer composite material is extremely strong, and can hold up to 170mph winds. Using steel anchors to secure the panel in place, the FRA flood panel will effectively protect your property from flooding.

FRA flood panels use the patented flood-seal technology and are custom fabricated to suit the property's unique flood protection needs. Before fabrication, the FRA flood experts use the LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging Technology) flood mapping technology to create a high-resolution 3D elevation model; create a risk assessment report, and plan for effection flood prevention. Understanding the property's flood risk and elevations will allow the team at Flood Risk America to design your flood panel specifications.

Product is incredible, owners/workers are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. I would highly recommend!

Justine Gill