Fort McMurray, Flooding April 2020

In late April of 2020, Fort McMurray, Alberta, was subject to significant overland flooding, due to ice jamming on the Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers.

Looking ahead to the spring and summer, where issues such as storm-related floods, wildfires, and other catastrophic events are more common, our team at -30- Forensic Engineering continues to advocate for the value of diligent planning and preparation to either prevent or mitigate the damages associated with catastrophic loss events and to develop & share 'disaster response gameplays' with key stakeholders in advance.

Hear from the 30 Forensic Engineering CAT Loss unit on lessons learned from seeing large-scale remediations through to completion and helping clients to re-open properties as early (and safely) as possible.

Meet Our Team:
Jess Reitsma, Grant Elligsen, CRSP, P Eng., Christopher Ciasnocha, Deepak Bhathal, CRSOm CFEI, EP, Meghan Brady, Chad E. Gooyers, PH.D., Troy Eggum.