Flood Risk America Launches Floodzone.ca, Offers Hassle-Free Flood Zone Determinations for Property Owners in Canada

Flood Risk America today announced the launch of www.floodzone.ca - a web-based platform allowing to determine flood risk of the properties in Canada for only $35 CAN per location in only a few clicks.

"Timely information on the property’s flood risk along with the accurate flood zone determinations are the key to keeping homeowners, business property owners, lenders and insurers free from the liability and disruptions caused by flood related damages in Canada," - explained Steve Gill, CEO of Flood Risk Canada and Flood Risk America.

FloodZone.ca gives the ability to receive accurate flood zone determinations in Canada within 24 hours and shows if your property is in a high, moderate or low flood risk zone. 

"We are extremely proud to be able to guarantee the highest quality data which is the end result of our advanced flood mapping technology and selected team of certified flood plain managers in North America. Our Flood Zone Determinations are audited for accuracy and meet a 99.9 percent accuracy standard," - added Mr. Gill.