Flood Control in Florida

Effective flood control in Florida

Twenty-five percent of the state of Flordia is at severe risk of property damages caused by flooding within the next thirty years. Flood control in Florida is an investment all residents and property, owners need to work together to achieve. The team at Flood Risk America is dedicated to protecting Flordia from potential devastating damages.

Ripe with luxury resorts and gorgeous golf greens, Florida's beautiful landscape can quickly be devastated in the event of a hurricane. Often with large glass buildings overlooking the ocean views, these high-end commercial properties are susceptible to critical flood damages. The team at FRA has the experience to property prevent damages to your luxurious landscapes with our custom-fabricated flood barrier systems. Using our smart LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging Technology) we can create an accurate high-resolution digital elevation model providing effective flood mapping data. Insurance-industry recognized, our flood maps can replace your existing flood map and adjust your insurance premiums. This process often saves our customers thousands annually on their flood insurance.

Flood control with a lifetime guarantee.

Our FRA flood control panel systems are custom-fabricated with our patented flood-seal technology proven to seal any opening. Traditionally, flood panels are heavy and hard to install leaving you rushing to install your barrier before it is too late. That's why Flood Risk America created the FRA flood control panels. Less than five pounds per square foot and with easy-turn installation knobs, you can feel secure knowing your flood prevention system is in place within minutes.

The FRA panels are fabricated with the same material used on the infamous ice-breaker vessel. With military, marine-grade corrosion-resistant material, the FRA flood control panels come with a lifetime guarantee.

A thick, sealed barrier is best used for large openings or around fragile material such as glass. First, our team will look at the area's flood elevation and create perfect measurements to a tight seal. All openings below your flood elevation need to be covered during any heavy rain, tropical storm, or hurricane event. Flood control panels can be used for areas not often thought of, such as train stations, commercial garages, elevators, and promenades. These barriers are built to withstand 170mph hurricane-forced winds and proven to protect.

How can you protect a golf course from flooding?

Florida is home to beautiful golf courses lining the coastline. A popular tourist destination, the luxury golf courses in Flordia provide a paradise for enthusiasts. How can you protect a golf course in Florida from flooding during a tropical storm or hurricane? The experts at Flood Risk America suggest using both water-filled and flood panels for the most effective control of the flooding water.

Water-filled flood barriers act as a wall, driving the flow of water away from your property. Used as an alternative to sandbags, water-filled flood barriers are environmentally friendly, easy-to-install, and custom fabricated to suit your unique property's flood control needs. Our team will evaluate your flood risk and create a water-filled flood barrier that will safely direct water away from your property and stop pooling within the pockets of your golf course.

High-end golf course clubhouses are often impressive with large glass windows fragile to breakage during strong winds during a tropical storm. Flood Risk America's flood panels can act as barriers in front of the panels holding strong to protect the fragile material or opening behind. As wind and rains continue, the flood control system will stay in place keeping your property protected.

Essential and electrical equipment may also benefit from FRA flood control systems with our flood protection boxes. Made with the same material as our flood panels, the flood protection boxes wrap around any equipment, creating. a floodproof, dry seal. Golf carts may also be protected with our flood bags.