Condominium Saved from Future Flooding

The First Service residential condominium was saved from future flooding with the use of Flood Risk America's(FRA) flood panels.

The condominium in Miami, Florida experiences King Tide flooding once or twice a year. King tides are a normal occurrence in coastal areas across the United States and are predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). With the ability to predict King tide flooding, property owners have time to install flood protection barriers saving from extensive damage.

Recent flooding led the owners of The First Service residential condominium to seek Flood Risk America's advice in flood prevention. The experts at FRA:

  • Analyzed the flood risk of the residential property; understanding the elevations and customization need for efficient flood protection.
  • Custom fabricated lightweight, FRA flood panels out of marine-grade material, perfectly designed to fit the property landscape and flood protection need.
  • Installed the fast-deploy flood protection panels within minutes and tested the functionality.

With the use of FRA flood panels, Flood Risk America saved the condominium from future flooding.

Made in the USA, the FRA flood panels are:

  • FEMA compliant
  • Insurance industry certified
  • Made with corrosion-resistant material
  • Easy to deploy within minuites and light weight
  • Are custom fabricated for cost-effective efficent flood protection
  • Made with Marine-grade material, same material that is used on the Ice Breaker vessels.
  • Includes a lifetime warranty

Whether you experience king tide flooding, tropical storm surges, hurricanes, or occurring draining issues, you can benefit from the flood protection services provided by Flood Risk America. We have over 20 years of experience learning the most effective flood prevention techniques.

FRA usse the latest LIDAR flood mapping technology providing a clear and accurate high-resolution digital elevation model. Conventional methods result in low accuracy results and can cause not only ineffective flood protection but can cause bloated insurance premiums. With accurate data, Flood Risk America can submit our flood maps to your insurance company and create a cost-effective plan for your property's flood protection. FRA guarantees its products with a lifetime warranty.

The owners and residences of The First Service residential condominium can rest at ease they will no longer experience costly flooding damages with FRA flood panels. Struggling with constant flooding at your property? Call 561-578-4220 and receive your free quote.