BC Flooding

B.C. Flooding - CANADA

In the fall of this year, British Columbia experienced a historic flooding event, unlike any other devasting many unprepared residents.

CBC provides a timeline of the events: In a matter of days, extreme rain swamped rivers and farmland across southern B.C. and triggered mudslides that blocked every major highway connecting the Lower Mainland to the rest of the country.

The unprepared area has forced almost 20,00 people to abandon their homes. Many of those farmers leave their animals behind. Dozens of volunteers stepped up to help the community with many helping animals to safety, however, thousands of animals died. There were many residents unable to escape before the flooding event have been left isolated with waters blocking roadways around their community.

"The Mostertman family’s basement is still full of water, but the knee-high level on the main floor of their home has receded to reveal considerable damage to virtually everything, including precious mementos, and neck-deep floodwaters that inundated their family business have left utter devastation."

An article by AcuuWeather has noted: "flood event in British Columbia swallowed highways, washed away bridges and cut off railroads. At least four are dead in the province and thousands remain stranded as rescue and recovery efforts continue."

How can the area be so unprepared for a flooding disaster?

Experts had predicted the area had a 0.2 percent chance of occurrence in a given year with a flood to occur only once in 500 years. Unfortunately, the area has flooded several times most recently in 1972. Without the risk of flooding, the province and residence did not have a pre-emergency plan to take the necessary precautions to mitigate floodwaters. This natural disaster has cleared away entire communities with its rushing waters and mudslides.

How could I protect my home from flooding during a natural disaster?

Even if you do not live in a high-risk area for flooding, it is important to understand and analyze your flood risk. Simple and effective solutions can be installed in the case of a flood to help direct the flow of water away from your property, preventing extensive damages.

After receiving a flood risk assessment, flood experts can provide the option for optimal flood prevention based upon your property's elevations and level of risk.

Flood prevention solutions:

  • Flood panel with flood seal technology
  • Water-filled flood barrier, alternative to sandbags
  • Essential equipment protection box
  • Floor drain cover
  • Compression panels for glass seal protection

Flood Risk Canada has over 20 years of experience with flood prevention creating custom products prevent to protect your property. Our team of experts uses LiDAR technology to create a 3D high-resolution model of your property and review historical flooding events to provide an accurate flood risk assessment. Our flood prevention products are the industry standard and proven to protect your property. Our flood panel comes with a lifetime guarantee and is manufactured out of military, marine-grade material; the same material used on the infamous ice-breaker vessel. This corrosion-resistant material is lightweight, weighing less than five pounds per sq foot. With zinc-coated easy turn knobs, you can have your flood protection installed in minutes.