Flood Risk America Traveled to Miami and Spoke With Architects About Flood Protection Solutions

Flood Protection Solutions for Architects

For years, there has been a disconnect between FEMA and NFIP regulations. This division has impacted the insurability once construction has been completed. Flood Risk America found a solution to identify problems and procure solutions to this matter, as well as educating clients on how to understand FEMA compliant standards.  

Flood Risk America researched and sought out solutions, beginning at the pre-construction level. Last week, they traveled to Miami and met with a group of architects from the CSI Miami chapter and spoke to them about flood protection solutions and how they can impact insurability and FEMA compliance. Some of the topics at the meeting included:

  • How to avoid floodproofing errors in building design and whether a building is compliant with FEMA and NFIP regulations.
  • Disconnect between FEMA and NFIP regulations and how these disconnects impact the insurability of a building once construction is completed.
  • FEMA compliant standards for dry and wet floodproofing
  • How to read flood maps, helping clients challenge inaccurate flood zone delineations from FEMA, and understanding qualifications for LOMA and LOMR submissions.
  • New floodproofing products that are available, FEMA compliant, and certified for flood insurance credits.